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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

OOC: i feel much better now ^^. and as for fells church, i thought of a cool idea. i was thinking that a few days after the tomb vampires escape from a witch's spell, mayor lockwood could throw a masquerade ball and have the tomb vampires show up and plan an attack on it from the inside during the middle of it, causing a huge blood bath. since ashley and jeremy are only human they're going to be in great danger ^^. what do you think about that plan DA? also if grsspkmnmaster doesn't post by wednesday then i'll post the time skip =]

IC: As Ashley and Jeremy were walking with Ichiru down the hallway, the two siblings hadn't noticed that Keiru and Kiseki were fallen back a little behind them. As they continued to walk, Ashley put her hands inside her pocket and felt something soft. She pulled it out and held it between her two fingers as she looked at it.

"Is that your hair?" Jeremy whispered in somewhat a shocked voice. Ashley didn't tell him about her dream yet so Jeremy had no idea about the hair.
"Yeah. When one of my curls got off during my nightmare it somehow appeared on top of my book when I woke up." Ashley whispered back so only Jeremy and Ichiru would hear.
" you pulled it out of your dream?"
"Yeah I think so." Ashley nodded as she placed the locket of hair back into her pocket. Jeremy slowed down a little bit to look more carefully into Ashley's curly hair.
"Where did the piece get cut out?"
"The hair that's underneath. Luckily it's not noticeable." Ashley pulled back a section of her hair and revealed her neck and hoop earring to show her brother and Ichiru, seeing a small section of her hair that only reached between her chin and shoulder.
"Do you think when your hair is straightened then it will show it?"
"Nah I don't think so. It's more towards the back." Jeremy nodded and they made it back to the classroom.

"Good to see you guys again. Everything work out okay?" Mr.Tanner asked.
"Yeah we found them. Also we have a plus one. His name is Keiru and he never got a class schedule. Could you help him out?" Ashley asked as she walked up to his desk and handed the hallway pass back to him.
"Yeah I will." Ashley gave a smile and walked over to their own table where she saw Jeremy seated. Ashley took her seat and looked over at him.

"I know that I said I would tell you about the dream but I think it'll have to wait till later." Ashley whispered. Jeremy nodded as he knew the reason why. They didn't want to talk about it in front of Keiru only because they didn't want Keiru to think they were all crazy.
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