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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)

Hey guys, welcome Coddleflop as Thorn the evil Roselia! Check out the sign-up here.


"Alright, well I'm not waiting any longer. Those of you who want to go, let's go!" Tieren announced. He pricked his ears up to listen for the waterfall that he had heard earlier. He was in luck-- it was just a few steps away. He got down on all four limbs and scampered off to find it, which he did in under a minute.

Dominic followed close behind, gliding along the slight breeze in the forest, darting around the trees in an almost graceful manner. When he and Tieren arrived at the pond, he fluttered his four diamond-shaped wings and landed on the ground. "Wow, it's tiny," he said. He was right-- it seemed more like a puddle than a pond. It was an almost perfect circle, with a radius of about ten feet.

There was a wide and energetic waterfall that avoided making too much noise because it was only four feet tall on the far end. There was a much narrower waterfall of about the same size closer to Tieren and Dominic; this revealed that it wasn't a pond but a river, and this was just one large cavity where the water rested.

As such, the water was very fresh--far from the stagnancy of most ponds. There were no infinitely irritating mosquitoes biting the faces of Dominic and Tieren that were so characteristic of small ponds, which were breeding grounds for their kind.

Dominic flew above the pond to get to the center, where he circled around for a few moments so that he could see how deep it was.

Unfortunately, it was very difficult to tell how deep it was, for though the water was clear, there was no bottom in sight. "It's really deep," he reported to Tieren. "I can't tell exactly how deep it is, but I'm sure there's some edible trout in here."

"Any Magikarp or Goldeen?" Tieren called back.

Dominic looked unsure. He focused his eyes, but he couldn't see the vibrant colors of any fish Pokemon--just a few gray fish. "I don't think so," he said.

"Good," Tieren replied. "I don't want to accidentally hurt a Pokemon. Even fish Pokemon can think and talk like we can, so hurting an innocent specimen would make me feel really guilty. As long as it's just animals living in here, I won't feel bad."

"Yeah," Dominic replied. "Now, can you swim? I'm ground type and I don't do well in water."

"I can't swim well," Tieren admitted. "Maybe we should just wait for Nate to get here. I'm sure he could catch a fish in a heartbeat."

"Good idea."

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