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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)

Hey Dark Lord, could you get a darker font?... I have to highlight everything Rivet says just to read it. Maybe you could go for a blue shade, to reflect his status as a shiny Pokemon.

Edit: Never mind, you beat me to it xD Well done!


After he helped Leyton to his feet, Tieren looked to the side to see a rather strangely-colored Lairon skid to a halt. "The name's Rivet, nice to meet 'ya all. My advice to you is to stay out of my way when I'm runnin'."

Tieren smiled. Everybody else seemed so exhausted, so it was good to see at least one member of their new group with so much energy. Nonetheless, there was a certain sadness in Rivet's face; Tierne couldn't help but wonder what was on the Lairon's mind.

Tieren's large ears perked up when he heard a certain word.

"... Um. Anyone for some food?"
Leyton asked.

Tieren chuckled quietly. He knew that Leyton had originally suggested that they keep moving but then changed his mind; he chose not to say anything about the blunder.

"Food would be great," he replied enthusiastically. "I think there's a pond nearby. I can hear a faint waterfall in the distance. Do you want to go hunting with me?"

He hesitated, then decided to extend the invitation to the entire group. "Hey guys, I know we're all tired, but I can bet that we're all pretty hungry, too. Does anyone want to go on a hunting trip with me? I'm pretty sure there's a pond nearby."

"And risk being seen from the skies?" Dominic chimed in. "I mean, if it's a pond, then we won't have trees to cover us. Nero might have soldiers looking for us in the skies, but they won't notice us if we stay here."

"Well,"Tieren replied, "the alternative is to starve. Besides, we must be miles away from the PokeColosseum, and our scent has been thrown off. They have no idea where we are, and I, for one, am really, really hungry."

Dominic sighed. "You're right. I guess I'll join you." He batted his wings against the ground several times to take off, forming a small dust cloud. He started orbiting Tieren in the sky, waiting for the group to disembark.

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