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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)


"You need any help?"

"Thanks, man."

The Zangoose's claws retracted and Leyton took his paw gratefully as he got to his feet. He stretched, his leaves rustling faintly, and then observed the others. They all looked exhausted.

"We must be the only ones who made it this far at least. Is everyone okay?"

Leyton's thoughts instantly conjured an image of his younger brother. They had been captured separately and had never seen each other at the Colosseum, but... maybe... maybe he was alive? And had run too, just like them?

"There could be others who escaped and went in a different direction," he offered to the group, a trace of hope in his voice. "We might find some people if we keep, er..."
He was going to say 'moving', but he didn't want to suggest that quite yet.

"... Um. Anyone for some food?"

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