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Default PokeRome (RP... Obviously)

Link to sign up thread here
Link to discussion thread here

Alright guys, can you do me a favor and begin each post with an icon of your character(s) involved in the post so no one gets confused? I'll leave urls for them right here:

...Yes, they're in numerical order. I'm OCD like that. Anyways, if you right click and choose "copy image location" and then paste it in your post, it should show up. Don't forget to add image tags, though.

EDIT: nevermind, you can't do that. At least, I can't on my laptop. That's annoying. Even so, please begin your posts with icons. :P


Tieren stopped to rest. His furry, white arms dropped to rest on his knees, and he panted heavily. They had traveled far and he knew that he was tired, but he also figured that he would be able to get some rest as they had stopped in the center of a forest, which would give them ample cover.

He took a whiff of the air and determined that the spores of a nearby Vileplume colony completely concealed their scents, so they were essentially untraceable.

For the first time since the escape, he surveyed what was left of the escape group. The vast majority had been captured, but a small number remained-- there was a Grovyle, a Virbrava, a Lairon, a Piplup, a Cyndiquil, and a Vulpix. He was almost hesitant to start a conversation with any of them as he presumed them all to be as exhausted as he was, but he was too afraid that the group would disband if its members didn't get to know one another.

He approached the Grovyle. "Hello, my name is Tieren," he said, trying to be as friendly as possible. "I'm a Zangoose. What's your name?"


Dominic made no attempt to hide his nervousness as he flew about in random jerks and constantly looked from side to side. He noticed the Zangoose smell the air and then look satisfied, which he took to mean that the collective scent of the group had worn off.

That's good, he thought. He watched as the Zangoose made casual conversation with a Grovyle in the group, admiring the furry Pokemon's level-headed attitude in such a frightening situation. Nonetheless, he was too nervous to start a conversation of his own, despite his prowess in the skill owing to his noble upbringing. Instead, he landed on the ground and stood on all four of his legs, but he couldn't bring himself to relax. He was still on high alert.

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