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Default Re: Voice Index

This voice acting thing sure is popular.

Name: Larvinator (Larvi)

Gender: Female

Voice Type: A little deep? I'm not sure, judge for yourself.

Languages/Accents: S'just generic American. Learning Japanese, so even if I don't have the accent for it, I could still pronounce everything properly.

Contact Details: AIM is a pretty surefire way to hit me up (and I'm almost always invisible, so IM me even if it doesn't look like I'm online). I'm on Skype, too, but more infrequently.

Availability: Afternoons, 4:00 Mountain time for you weird people who demand specifics. Weekends are pretty much wide open.

Voice Sample: hi guys

Current Projects: Shen's The Trial of Juno once I figure out what I'm supposed to be doing.
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