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Default Re: Voice Index

Name: Shock64

Gender: Male

Voice Type: Deep, but I can fake an even deeper voice, a demonic voice, or a comically high pitched voice.

Languages/Accents: American (English). I have the ability to do a variety of accents, which are as follows: British, English, Canadian, Indian, Jamaican, Irish, Scottish, Australian, French, Russian, German, Mexican, Italian, as well as a variety of different American accents. British and Russian are my favorite. I can also pronounce words in Spanish or Italian.

Contact Details: PM, AIM, VM.

Availability: Whenever. xP

Voice Sample: I'll get this up soon. I plan on doing one single line, repeated in my normal voice, deep voice, comic voice, and a few different accents.
Paired with the amazing and wonderful Tsuki. <3

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