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Default Re: Voice Index

Yeah, looks like I'm first.

Name: Gemma
Gender: Female
Voice Type: Um, cute and high pitched? I dunno. xD
Languages/Accents: Australian, mate.
Contact Details: VM, PM, MSN, AIM (if I'm on), Facebook, Skype, whatever else.
Availability: No more Uni for four months, I've got work, though. Still, I'll be around sometime every day.
Voice Sample: Right here.

Character List; Team StormRiders

Zanna; female; Pikachu; played by Kumori Gem
Jarre; male; Torchic; played by Shen
Rye; male; Elekid; open
Lani; female; Houndoom; played by Graceful_Suicune
Codan; male; Dragonite; played by Neo Pikachu
Altair; male; Pikachu; open
Dash; male; Sneasel; open
Tali; female; Buizel; open
Virok; male; Electivire; open
Raze; male; Taillow; open
Scythe; female; Absol; played by Tombi
Deoxys; male; open
Darkrai; male; played by Neo Pikachu

Pending Scripts;
-- These are scripts that are waiting to be recorded

Characters; Zanna, Jarre
READ; Chapter 12: A Traitor Exposed

ZANNA: (gasps) Jarre! You… you brought me back!

JARRE: (says icily) Yes.

ZANNA: (murmurs) You worked for Scythe. In her gang you… were evil.

JARRE: I wasn’t always like that, Zanna. I didn’t want to be what I became. (sighs)

ZANNA: But you did. And all of the creatures that suffered under your talons…

JARRE: (angrily) Did you think I wanted to do it!? Did you think I wanted to work for Scythe?! To be who I was? No, it… overtook me, Zanna… I was a demon! Scythe made me into who I was; a monster without a soul. I did her evil deeds not because I wanted to, but because she ordered it! (pauses, voice softens) Raze… when he left, I… I wasn’t the same Pokemon I was when he was here. The only thing that I cared about had vanished and forsaken me. You must understand, I had nothing else to live for!

ZANNA: (angrily) So you ruined the lives of others because you had nothing to live for?! Then you were just as bad as Scythe! Worse even, a coward and a fool for doing it!

JARRE: Don’t speak of what you don’t understand! How could you? You’ve never had someone betray you and run off, leaving you all alone. To feel like a black hole, or a deep void, Zanna. To feel broken… Don’t ever say that I was a monster! If you haven’t been through it, you don’t know!

ZANNA: You had a choice. You had a choice and you threw it! Your petty brother doesn’t deserve you! If you thought for one second about whose lives you were endangering, who you so brutally murdered! You think you would feel something. But you were right all along! You’re not a Pokemon, you’re a demon! And so you will remain until the end of your days, Jarre. (pauses) Darkrai has your soul now. You’re cursed, and you won’t get it back!”

JARRE: (face pales, shocked, hesitates) You may think I’m a demon, but I’m not the betrayer. You stole into my memories…you couldn’t have just asked, could you? Everything has to be the difficult way for you!

ZANNA: “And you’re perfect? (almost hysterical laughter) No, I think you’re the betrayer. Of friendship and more. I mean, how do you think I felt when I found out my best friend was a murderer?”

JARRE: (speaks more softly) Speaking of friendship, I thought of a name for the team. (pauses) Team Stormriders, for riding out the storm, however tough. This may be one of those situations, Zanna. And I think we both need to adjust.

Characters; Zanna, Rye
READ; Chapter 25: Goodbye

ZANNA: (whines) Urgh, why does this always happen to me!

RYE: Because you’re a danger magnet, of course.

ZANNA: What do you want? I thought I was supposed to be invisible?

RYE: I’m sorry about that. It’s just that with everything so…complicated… (pauses) I thought it might be better if we don’t talk so much; at least in public.

ZANNA: Oh, right… (pauses) Are we?

RYE: Are we what?

ZANNA: The rule. Are we…

RYE: I…I’m not sure.

ZANNA: It seems hard for you. Do you regret what happened, or–

RYE: No! I don’t regret it, it’s just that…I’m not used to this. I can’t expect you to understand, Zanna, but my past kind of prevents me from feeling much emotion. See, something bad happened when I was little and ever since then I’ve cut myself off from my feelings, drawing on numbness instead. (pauses) Please don’t, it’s all right. So…just saying that I haven’t felt anything in a few years, how would you feel if something like last night happened?

ZANNA: Confused. Confused at why I was feeling things again. But that’s just a guess. I really don’t know what it’s like for you. Every time I want to help, you seem to retreat. Then it’s back to square one.

RYE: You’re more observant than I thought. Hmm. But it doesn’t matter. (shakes head) I just need some time to figure things out.

ZANNA: Time is exactly what we don’t have. We’re meant to be heading for the missionary soon, remember?

RYE: No, you can’t go there, I’ve told you!

ZANNA: But you didn’t tell me why. I want you to give me a good reason why not. This could be the only chance we have to overthrow Deoxys. I don’t want to mess it up.

RYE: (looks pained) You can’t go, because… of my father.

ZANNA: Your father?

RYE: My father is the main cause of things that go wrong within my life. What I tell you must never be repeated amongst anyone. Do you promise? (panics)

ZANNA: I promise.

RYE: The formality you heard Windtalon use last night, ‘Lord Rye’, is not technically true. I’m not a lord as such, just the son of the Commander at the Wingardom Missionary. My father also happens to be in charge of part of the Marble City, which is why he and I are often referred to as ‘lords’, you see?

ZANNA: So you’re not royalty?

RYE: No more than you are. (pauses) Although you could be considered royalty, being a Light Pokemon.

ZANNA: Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. But you were saying?

RYE: Well, I’m a lieutenant at the Missionary. My job – what I do – is to try to keeps tabs on Deoxys and his followers by any means possible. So far I haven’t done such a good job and this makes my father displeased.

ZANNA: Is that bad? For him to be angry?

RYE: He’s not in the right frame of mind when he gets angry. (shudders) And that makes him a very formidable foe. When I was little (pauses) I disobeyed my father’s command to stay out of the Forbidden Room. I foolishly led my best and only friend, Kryal, down there with me. Kryal’s sister tried to warn us, but we took no heed or her words. (closes eyes in pain) We were fools. The moment I stepped into that room I knew something wasn’t right.

ZANNA: (whispers) What did you find?

RYE: I had failed to sense it, though I clearly should have. What else was the Experiment Room used for? My father, the man whom I had trusted so wholly, was nothing more than a monster. I found out that he was making an army of Dark Pokemon. I swear I had nothing to do with it. When my father found out that I knew, he threatened me by any means to keep the secret safe. That’s why he murdered his advisor – one of my closest friends – and my best friend. Kryal was lost to me then, as was my future.

ZANNA: Are you afraid now? (trembling)

RYE: (curious) Afraid of what?

ZANNA: I understand that you had to harden yourself to make sure you were never hurt again, right? Now you seem to be letting more of your guard down. That could be potentially dangerous for you. Are you afraid to be hurt again?

RYE: (whispers) It pains me every day, but what would be worse is not knowing all the good things I could feel. That’s the price we have to pay to feel happiness. We need to take the good with the bad and somehow struggle through it.

Completed Scripts;
-- These are scripts that have been recorded and finished

-- None

-- Spots marked 'open' are free for the taking. Lemme know if you wanna try out for the part.
-- I'm flexible; that means more than one person can play a part if they wish, and I allow it.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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