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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Lyla Emony
Island 3
10:50 A.M.

"That was quite the impressive display using Metal Head to counter my combination attack, but we can be just as impressive as well. Let's show them Aqua lets go with Brine! Heart use Air Slash!" Lyla commanded. Aqua shot out a giant sphere of crystal blue water and Heart slammed both of his wings together letting loose a blade of wind. The Air Slash and Brine collided to become a spinning blade of water. It was coming at Aidan's pokemon at an incredible speed.

"Now let's back it up with Heart using Sky Attack and Aqua using Drill Peck," Lyla stated energeticly. Heart began charging up power for a devastating attack, while Aqua hopped onto Heart's back. Aqua's beak became long and shiny as he span. Once Heart had enough power stored up he would charge with twice the power of their combined attacks. With the first attack combination we sent out they only have a short time counter and with the second attack it should at least cause some damage if not knock them out since they have their hands full with the first powerful attack Lyla's hands clutched tightly awaiting her opponent's move.
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