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Default Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

OOC: *blows off dust, then chokes* Too long a wait O.o Alright, time to give this the good death.

Kaci looked down at the little Squirtle, raising almost non-existent eyebrow. He gave his leg an experimental shake, watching to see if the turtle would fly off.

"Kaci!" Dragana chided. "Be careful. The poor thing is probably terrified out of its mind."

Kaci looked back at Dragana, his gaze turning from a half-smile to a frown. His eyes widened, though Dragana paid him no mind.

"Here," she said to Jesse. Reaching into her pack, she fumbled for a moment and then pulled out a Full Heal. "I have a couple, I don't mind using them on, on...Kaci! Stop it!"

Kaci had lumbered forward, the Squirtle still stuck to his leg like some absurd toy, and laid a paw on Dragana's forehead. "What on earth..." she said, swiping the Dragonite's paw away.

Kaci shook his head and made a faint sound in his throat, like a worried cat.

"Kaci, what's wron--" Dragana started to say, but then, without warning, she collapsed. Kaci let out a shriek that would have made a toddler proud and grabbed his mistress before she hit the ground. Frantically, he looked the ranger, silently begging for help.

Dragana's head, pale and glistening with sweat, sagged on her shoulders, her mouth open slightly. A mosquito landed on the edge of her lips, then flew away...

What had happened?
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