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Default Re: Election Day 2010

Yeah. I don't like talking about politics but meh.

For me I am mad at both parties but I am mostly mad at the Republicans then Democratics. During the last two years the Republicans have been making it hard for the Democratics to do anything thus making it look like they weren't doing anything. Instead of trying to work with them they just acted like dead weight. Then they talk about cutting spending when they won't say what they will cut. Personally I say cut spending in military but enough to support the people in the services while try to focus on education and health care. The Republicans keep talking about getting rid of health care that Obama signed but they don't understand that some people actually want this like myself since I don't have any health care to begin with.

I voted mostly Democratics. They deserve a chance just like the eight years that the Republicans and two years isn't enough. Personally I am not sure if I want anything to happen in the next two years in the eyes of the public so the public can see the the Republicans were all talk and no bite.

Local side, Stupid Rick Perry won so this means more cuts to education and higher education. Two things that are close to my heart.
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