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Default Re: Election Day 2010

Originally Posted by Doodlebop View Post
Actually, no, that's not true! If you cut taxes and spending, the economy will improve.

Because, when you cut taxes, people are more likely to spend money. They don't feel like a humongous portion is going to the government. So they'll be more motivated to go out and buy something, stick money in the bank, etc.

But you have to cut spending too. Otherwise it still won't work.

*clears throat* Anyway.
Yes, but cutting taxes is only one tool out of many, and it's by no means the best one. However, it's the only one Republicans will accept. It's a waste of money to try and give money to everyone whether they are doing poorly or not. The most efficient use of money is targeted, controlled spending with a goal in mind; not giving everyone a tax break and hoping for the best. However, very few politicians have a clue or even care about understanding the implications of what they're saying; they just want to say nice things that give voters fuzzy feelings. And, imo, the Republicans are more prone to this than Democrats, although that's just personal opinion without much evidence to back it up.

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