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Default Re: Voice Acting

Originally Posted by Tombi View Post
Alright guys, here I am.


I gotta warn you of my massively epic fail, though. Stop listening before the end if you dislike swearing. xD I SWORE ACCIDENTLY OKAY AND THEN I SWORE CAUSE I REALISED I SWORE AND THEN I SWORE AGAIN BECAUSE I SWORE BECAUSE I REALISED I SWORE


I swear to God, it honestly was an accident. X_____x

Also, Haaarrryyyy, maybe each person involved could have like a profile? Like the form that... I think Xanthe did? Each person could make a post with their name, their accent, their scripts, their submissions etc and then you could link 'em in the first post. O=


Here's a script from my old fanfic. Niall is a Shiftry- he's quite mature, pretty badass. Neo, this is the character I spoke about in my other post. :P Roze is a Vulpix, very small, cute, quite... high-pitched, I guess? I dunno. Grey is a Luxio, any sort of male voice for him... Elana the Ampharos, I'd love her to be Australian! XD Xanthe? Or Gemma? :'D
Kyosan is the one I'm most interested in getting voiced. He's quite sullen, very angry. Imagine an older teen. Quite a deep voice I guess..? Umbreon, btw.
Enar is a boy, but could easily be voiced by a girl. Very childish. Misdreavus.

Dusk is an Espeon and totally different to me, which is why I wanna try voicing her. :P
I know there's looooads of parts here. XD So if you're interested in anything, just gimme a shout.

Niall: What do you mean, you saw a monster?
Roze: It was a monster, Roze saw a monster! Grey saw it too!
Niall: Let me get this straight. You were in the forest... and you saw a monster.
Roze: Yes! A monster, a big scary metal monster and it looked at Roze and Roze looked back and- (pause) -Grey told Roze to run!!
Niall: So... you saw it too.
Grey: Yes, I did. (pause) I know what I saw, Niall.
Niall: You act like you think I donít believe you.
Grey: (angry noise xD)
Elana: Stop it. We donít need more fighting.
Niall: You donít fight anyway.
Elana: I do sometimes... (pause) Dusk?
Roze: ... Dusk?
Kyosan: Leave her.
Roze: (happily) Kyosan!!
Kyosan: (silence) You saw a monster. ... A monster.
Enar: I think theyíre telling the truth. I donít think theyíre lying.
Kyosan: (angrily) I never said they were lying!
Enar: You look like you think it.
Niall: All of you. Stop it. (pause) What did this monster look like?
Grey: It... was big.
Kyosan: (snort) It was big. A baby couldíve told us that much.
Elana: Kyosan-
Kyosan: Shut up and let him speak.
Niall: Could you be any more... specific?
Grey: It... was made of metal, I think. I could see four legs, but it may have been more. It didnít seem to have any proper features apart from eyes.
Kyosan: Once again, anybody with a brain couldíve told us that much. Even Roze, and she hasnít any brains to speak of- aaghn!
(sounds of fighting. Somehow. xD)
Roze; Grey!!
Niall: STOP IT!
Elana: Get off him!!
Enar: (happily) Fight! Fight! Fight!
Niall: (roars with exasperation)
Kyosan: Give it up, you bastard!!
Enar: Fight! Fight! Fi- AAAH!
Kyosan: LET GO OF ME!!
Elana: Niall!
Niall: Will... you... stop... FIGHTING!!
Niall: I SAID-
Grey: We heard you.
Roze;: Grey? Grey, are you okay?
Grey: Iíve... been better. (pause) Iíll... be... okay.
Dusk: Kyosan, are you okay?
Kyosan: Do I... look okay?
Niall: (sighs) ... Thank you.
xD Let's go find you a farming character for you voice. Nah, but really, love your accent.

I loved reading your fic. :) I would like to try Roze's part. I sound young and innocent, IMO, not sure about high-pitched. Voice sample, if you want it.

- Kat

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