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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Isle 3
??? 'Oclock

Due to Houndoom's attacks, Weavile was shot 2 feet in the air and then put on his back, landing with a powerful thud. It took him a few seconds for his unmistakably aching body to rise from the ground.

"Weavile! Are you okay?" Exclaimed Jack, his eyes wide with shock.

Truly, The Weavile was not fine, but his pride kept him going. He looked back to his comrade, and shook his head vigorously, as if to reassure him.

The Dragon Breath had really not done any real damage to Jack's Empoleon, by some stroke of blind luck. His fin blocked most of the damage, but his arm was sort of mangled. Jack looked over, and saw that he was all right.

"Empoleon, use flash Canon on Ridley!"

Empoleon "flew" up, using his superior agility, and aimed a shining white arm at Ridley.

Niall's team was a little better, not as bad. Lucario wasn't that hurt, as on instinct, he used Aura sphere to block attacks, then he used confusion on Sparky.
"Kirikizan, use Metal Head to counter!" Aidan screamed in the heat of the moment.
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