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Default Re: Voice Acting

Alright guys, here I am.


I gotta warn you of my massively epic fail, though. Stop listening before the end if you dislike swearing. xD I SWORE ACCIDENTLY OKAY AND THEN I SWORE CAUSE I REALISED I SWORE AND THEN I SWORE AGAIN BECAUSE I SWORE BECAUSE I REALISED I SWORE


I swear to God, it honestly was an accident. X_____x

Also, Haaarrryyyy, maybe each person involved could have like a profile? Like the form that... I think Xanthe did? Each person could make a post with their name, their accent, their scripts, their submissions etc and then you could link 'em in the first post. O=


Here's a script from my old fanfic. Niall is a Shiftry- he's quite mature, pretty badass. Neo, this is the character I spoke about in my other post. :P Roze is a Vulpix, very small, cute, quite... high-pitched, I guess? I dunno. Grey is a Luxio, any sort of male voice for him... Elana the Ampharos, I'd love her to be Australian! XD Xanthe? Or Gemma? :'D
Kyosan is the one I'm most interested in getting voiced. He's quite sullen, very angry. Imagine an older teen. Quite a deep voice I guess..? Umbreon, btw.
Enar is a boy, but could easily be voiced by a girl. Very childish. Misdreavus.

Dusk is an Espeon and totally different to me, which is why I wanna try voicing her. :P
I know there's looooads of parts here. XD So if you're interested in anything, just gimme a shout.

Niall: What do you mean, you saw a monster?
Roze: It was a monster, Roze saw a monster! Grey saw it too!
Niall: Let me get this straight. You were in the forest... and you saw a monster.
Roze: Yes! A monster, a big scary metal monster and it looked at Roze and Roze looked back and- (pause) -Grey told Roze to run!!
Niall: So... you saw it too.
Grey: Yes, I did. (pause) I know what I saw, Niall.
Niall: You act like you think I don’t believe you.
Grey: (angry noise xD)
Elana: Stop it. We don’t need more fighting.
Niall: You don’t fight anyway.
Elana: I do sometimes... (pause) Dusk?
Roze: ... Dusk?
Kyosan: Leave her.
Roze: (happily) Kyosan!!
Kyosan: (silence) You saw a monster. ... A monster.
Enar: I think they’re telling the truth. I don’t think they’re lying.
Kyosan: (angrily) I never said they were lying!
Enar: You look like you think it.
Niall: All of you. Stop it. (pause) What did this monster look like?
Grey: It... was big.
Kyosan: (snort) It was big. A baby could’ve told us that much.
Elana: Kyosan-
Kyosan: Shut up and let him speak.
Niall: Could you be any more... specific?
Grey: It... was made of metal, I think. I could see four legs, but it may have been more. It didn’t seem to have any proper features apart from eyes.
Kyosan: Once again, anybody with a brain could’ve told us that much. Even Roze, and she hasn’t any brains to speak of- aaghn!
(sounds of fighting. Somehow. xD)
Roze; Grey!!
Niall: STOP IT!
Elana: Get off him!!
Enar: (happily) Fight! Fight! Fight!
Niall: (roars with exasperation)
Kyosan: Give it up, you bastard!!
Enar: Fight! Fight! Fi- AAAH!
Kyosan: LET GO OF ME!!
Elana: Niall!
Niall: Will... you... stop... FIGHTING!!
Niall: I SAID-
Grey: We heard you.
Roze: Grey? Grey, are you okay?
Grey: I’ve... been better. (pause) I’ll... be... okay.
Dusk: Kyosan, are you okay?
Kyosan: Do I... look okay?
Niall: (sighs) ... Thank you.

What do you mean, you saw a monster?”

“It was a monster, Roze saw a monster! Grey saw it too!”

The subdued group that had resided in the cavern was no more. After the return of Roze and Grey every inhabitant was now captured in interest, and in one, a totally sceptic attitude.

“Let me get this straight,” Niall said slowly, sitting down against a stalagmite and splaying his fanned fingers as his slanted yellow eyes moved across Grey and Roze. “You were in the forest, and you saw a monster.”

“Yes!” Roze squeaked, her eyes huge in her face. She seemed quite beside herself. “A monster, a big scary metal monster and it looked at Roze and Roze looked back and-” she gave a shudder of terror- “Grey told Roze to run!

Niall gave Grey a long, I-think-you’re-being-incredibly-stupid look.

“So you saw it too,” he said disbelievingly. Grey nodded, his eyes narrowing slightly at Niall’s tone and expression.

“Yes, I did.” And he added challengingly, “I know what I saw, Niall.”

“You act like I don’t believe you,” Niall answered, standing up and gritting his teeth as he loomed over Grey. The Luxio started to snarl.

“Stop it,” Elana said anxiously, hovering beside Roze. “We don’t need more fighting.”

“You don’t fight anyway,” Niall shot at her, folding his arms and turning away from Grey.

“I do sometimes,” Elana answered feebly, looking over at Dusk for support. “Dusk?”

The Espeon was curled depressively besides the bundle of black sticks that had been the fire. She watched the thin wisps of curling smoke that remained, her head on her paws and her tail wrapped around her.

“Dusk?” Roze imitated timidly, taking a few small steps towards her.

“Leave her.” There was a snarl from the entrance. Everybody looked round to see Kyosan, standing underneath the waterfall, water running in streams down his legs and muzzle. He blinked drops from his eyes and walked forward, not pausing to shake himself dry. His pelt was plastered to his slender body. Dusk looked up, her ears pricking hopefully.

“Kyosan!” Roze squealed joyfully, throwing herself across the cavern towards him, but Grey seized her and pulled her back. Kyosan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“You saw a monster,” he said flatly. There was silence apart from the steady drip of water from his fur to the dusty floor. “... A monster.”

I think they’re telling the truth,” Enar suddenly said, a bold expression on his face. “I don’t think they’re lying.”

“I never said they were lying!” Kyosan’s soaked fur bristled dangerously along his spine as he spat at the Misdreavus.

“You look like you think it,” Enar replied, metaphorical nose in the air. Kyosan growled, and Niall turned back to the group.

“All of you stop it.” He cast his gaze around at everybody in the cavern – the shaking Roze; the furious Grey; the indignant Enar; the saddened Dusk; the worried Elana; the silent Sol; the drenched Kyosan. They all stood and stared at him.

“What did this monster look like?” Niall went on calmly, looking at Roze and Grey. Roze quaked.

“It... was big,” Grey started, but was cut off by a loud snort from Kyosan.

“It was big,” he imitated poisonously, starting to pace circles around the group, his body low and shoulders hunched. Grey edged closer to Roze protectively. “A baby could’ve told us that much.”


“Shut up and let him speak,” Kyosan snapped, unaware of how much of a hypocrite he sounded. Niall cleared his throat.

“Could you be any more specific?” he asked Grey. The Luxio threw a dirty look at Kyosan and continued.

“It... was made of metal, I think. I could see four legs, but it may have been more. It didn’t seem to have any proper features apart from eyes.”

“Once again,” Kyosan interrupted, “anybody with a brain could’ve told us that much.” Grey flared. “Even Roze, and she hasn’t got any brains to speak o-”

Grey snapped. There was an exclamation from everybody in the cavern as the Luxio hurled himself at Kyosan. They collided in a frenzy of fangs, claws and fur, snarling and howling and spitting as they wrestled with each other.

“Grey!” Roze cried, terrified. Dusk leapt to her paws and yowled Kyosan’s name in horror.

“STOP IT!” Niall bellowed, but to no avail. Grey seized Kyosan’s neck in his fangs and tried to bite down, but couldn’t get a grip on the wet fur. Kyosan snarled furiously and rolled over, crushing Grey beneath his weight.

“Get off him!” Elana squealed, her paws over her mouth. Grey raked his back claws down the Umbreon’s side and Kyosan leapt off, spitting. He threw himself back onto the Luxio before he’d barely gotten off the floor.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” Enar chanted joyfully. Niall gave a bellow of exasperation.

“Give it up, you bastard!” Kyosan howled, as both Pokémon rose onto their hind legs and lashed at each other. Roze ran and hid beneath Elana’s tail, her entire body shaking in fear.

“STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU!” Dusk shrieked as Grey raked his claws across Kyosan’s cheek, leaving four red scratches. Kyosan fell back to all fours, blood pounding in his ears, and threw himself back at the Luxio, both of them flying across the cavern.

“Fight! Fight Fi-”

Niall seized Enar and forcefully threw him at the fighting Pokémon. The Ghost-type caught Kyosan on the side of the head and he looked around, confused, one paw at Grey’s throat to hold him down. Before he could react properly, however, Niall had sent a powerful blast of wind at both of them. Kyosan lost his balance and fell over, skidding several feet. Grey smashed into the wall from the force of it, and before either of them could register what just happened, Niall had lifted them both into the air.

“Will you stop fighting?” he roared, giving them both a harsh shake. Kyosan struggled viciously, lashing his paws at Grey.

“LET GO OF ME!” he howled, the indignity of it all hitting him almost as harshly as Grey’s blow had. Niall obeyed, and with a grunt, hurled them both far across the cavern. Elana squealed.

“Niall!” she yelped accusingly, but the Shiftry was already bearing down on the two fighters. They were lying by the cavern wall, dazed, their bodies covered in dust and blood.

“Will... you... stop... FIGHTING?!” Niall bellowed again. No reaction. Roze peered out of her hiding spot and gazed worriedly at Grey, tears streaming down her face. Niall took another few steps forward.


“We heard you,” Grey muttered, not moving. Roze gave a squeak of relief and hurtled across the cavern, tiny paws flying, tails wiggling.

“Grey? Grey, are you okay?” she asked, nudging her muzzle against his gently.

“I’ve... been better,” Grey replied quietly. One of his hind legs twitched and he moved his eyes up to look at Roze, trying to give her a reassuring smile but failing. “I’ll... be... okay.”

Kyosan stirred slightly, his head pounding. He couldn’t feel anything in his body at all. Everything was numb. His vision swam before him and he blinked slowly, deadened, and then all at once, the feeling rushed back. The back of his head screamed in agony and all of the muscles in his legs were aching. His spine jolted painfully as he twitched and he let out a grunt.

“Kyosan,” Dusk breathed, quickly crossing the cavern to get to his side. “Are you okay?”

“Do I... look okay..?” he didn’t raise his eyes to meet hers. Niall stared down at them all, breathing heavily, his shaggy white hair half-covering his eyes.

“... Thank you.”

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