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I just listened to the Flareon excerpt and it's awesome! X3 I so want to do one of these now. ...Anyone wanna take a whack at a scene from Wings Have We? XD If someone wants to pretend to be male, I'd love to script a banter between Zero and Giratina. Herpderp. >3 Or, well, any other scene from any other fic. I can't think of a specific example now, but...

EDIT: Oh, I got it. Who remembers Rock Megaphone? (I'd be Cantre.)

Original Text:
"Check it out, Cantre!" She squealed excitedly. "Isn't this place big?"

"Yes, Shiva," the purple-gray Pokemon grunted in response. "This place is big."

"What do you think is in it?" Shiva was beaming.

"A labyrinth that makes you think you've gone to a different dimension," he said calmly, not shifting his gaze from the mountain or skipping a beat.

"What?" Shiva clearly wasn't expecting this quick response. She stared at her Aerodactyl friend, dark blue head-fins twitching slightly.

"That's what happened to Caro, Kris, and Helio, wasn't it?" Cantre replied in the same calm voice, twitching his spade-tipped tail slightly. "You didn't honestly believe they got turned into humans, did you?"

"Well… yes." Shiva scrunched her sky-blue brow slightly.

"Really? Well, I didn't." With that, Cantre flapped his wings a few times and was eventually able to get into the air. He then met Shiva's confused look and said, "We're going in, aren't we?" Cantre wanted to tell himself that he expected Shiva to declare that they were entering the cave – not to make it seem like he wanted to go in.

Mew, no.

Cantre had no desire to go in that place, even if it was big.

"Yeah!" The Vaporeon suddenly snapped to attention, her feline body jumping slightly. "Yeah, we're going in right now!"

Cantre made an extremely strange noise that sounded like a mix between a dubious 'hmm' sound and a groan. Shiva padded excitedly into the cave entrance, blue fish-tail swishing like a wrecking ball behind her. Cantre watched the Vaporeon go in, and then followed her into the opening in the rocks.

The dynamic duo weren't in the labyrinth-cave for long before they came across a fork in the path. Cantre swooped onto a rocky ledge and perched there, suddenly strongly resembling a vulture perched on a tree branch. He acted like one, too; staying silent, watching the Pokemon he was focused on with a straight face and an unwavering gaze.

Shiva stood in the three-way intersection, staring down one path and then the other. She pondered, looked from one path to the other, trotted around sniffing the entrances, making a small 'mew' sound and listening to the vibrations, and a variety of other strange gestures that were apparently supposed to aid their situation.

Cantre didn't see how this helped. At all.

She eventually made a decision, and padded down the corridor on the right. Cantre swooped in after the Vaporeon, finding no objection in her plan (mostly because he wasn't following her logic in the least). He honestly had no idea which path to go down, or how Shiva knew which one to follow from her in-depth examination of the rocky corridors.

Evidently, she didn't either.

A loud scream brought Cantre to a screeching halt. He felt his wings locked in the spread out position for a split second. The feeling was gone a second later as the Aerodactyl instinctively hugged his wings to his chest, and the purple-gray Pokemon fell like a stone.

As he hit the ground with a yelp of pain, Shiva's blue face appeared out of the semidarkness. His small, dark, highly irritated eyes darted up to meet hers.

"What… was that for…?" Cantre groaned, slightly muffled by his mouth being parallel with the floor. He wanted to yell at her, but the physical pain that was going through his body like a shock of electricity was sapping his energy.

"There's a monster in there!" the blue Pokemon whined in response, the mane-like, baby blue fin circling around her neck making her look that much more like a monster herself. Cantre rolled his eyes.

"A monster. Really." He moaned, picking his head up off of the ground to allow a range of movement for his jaw. The Aerodactyl soon got up onto his feet again, and crouched in that position on his hind legs. "Show me where your 'monster' is." He flapped his wings again, and with some effort (due to the lack of gales) was in his proper place above Shiva's head.

He took an opportunity to dive for a Golbat that had decided to stare at the odd duo of Pokemon. A quick Thunder Fang to the throat (as was Cantre's custom – he really enjoyed attacking to the throat for some reason, like most members of his species) dispatched the Pokemon quickly.

A few seconds passed, and Shiva halted again. Cantre kept going and made an intriguing and highly dangerous flying leap onto another ledge, where he turned around to stare at Shiva with his vulture stare. She was pointing with one small, shaking paw at the inky darkness that was looming about ten feet away. Cantre turned his pointed head to follow her directions, but failed to see anything. He prepared to take another leap into the air again.

"I-it was shrieking!"

"I didn't hear anything."

"Well, I did!"

Of course, he failed spectacularly. The Aerodactyl was once more flung to the floor of the cave, letting out another pained grunt. When he opened his eyes, however, there was no monster lying in front of his snout. Cantre tried to focus on the object, but found he couldn't and brought himself to a crouched position once more. He directed to Shiva with his tail to get herself over to him. Now curious, the watery Pokemon padded over to the grounded Rock-type.

"What is it?" she asked.

"This," Cantre said in a bemused tone, holding up the item he had found on the floor, "is your monster." Shiva stared at the large screw in Cantre's clawed wing-hand, a look of disbelief on her face.

"But… it made a noise," she whimpered at last.

Cantre groaned and flung the screw over his shoulder. "It might have come from a monster of some sort," he growled, "but it has no life force of its own. I'll bet you five hundred Poke that that thing came from a certain Magneton who came in this place not too long ago."

Shiva tilted her head to one side. "Do you think that came from Helio?"

"How should I know?" Cantre growled in his gravelly voice, "Besides, it isn't important anyway. Helio's gone. Dead, probably. So are the other two. There's nothing here – we should take another route."

Characters: SHIVA (shee-vah) and CANTRE (canter). Shiva is a female Vaporeon with a high, bubbly voice, and Cantre is a male Aerodactyl with a considerably darker one.

{Narrative: Shiva and Cantre, the members of Rescue Team Kamikaze, stand before the entrance to a Mystery Dungeon in the side of a tall mountain.}

SHIVA: Check it out, Cantre! Isn't this place big?

CANTRE: Yes, Shiva. This place is big.

SHIVA: What do you think is in it?

CANTRE: A labyrinth that makes you think you've gone to a different dimension.


CANTRE: That's what happened to Caro, Kris, and Helio, wasn't it? ...You didn't honestly believe they got turned into humans, did you?

SHIVA: Well… yes.

CANTRE: Really? Well, I didn't. ... ... ... ...We're going in, aren't we?

SHIVA: Yeah! Yeah, we're going in right now!


{NARRATIVE: The two enter the cave. Shiva stops to think about what to do with the fork in their path, and soon picks the right fork. Cantre follows her in, but...}


CANTRE: /hitting the ground. ...Gah! What was that for?

SHIVA: There's a monster in there!

CANTRE: A monster. Really. ...Nngh... Show me where your 'monster' is.

{Narrator: Shiva leads Cantre further in to the cave, but it's too dark to make anything out.}

SHIVA: I-it was shrieking!

CANTRE: I didn't hear anything.

SHIVA: Well, I did!

{Cantre goes over to investigate...}

SHIVA: What is it?

CANTRE: This... is your monster.

{Cantre holds up a large metal screw, previously lying on the floor of the cave.}

SHIVA: But… it made a noise.

CANTRE: /groan. It might have come from a monster of some sort, but it has no life force of its own. I'll bet you five hundred Poke that that thing came from a certain Magneton who came in this place not too long ago.

SHIVA: Do you think that came from Helio...?

CANTRE: How should I know? Besides, it isn't important anyway. Helio's gone. Dead, probably. So are the other two... There's nothing here – we should take another route.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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