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Default Re: Individual RP; DarkGardevoir

My oh my, the little bugger was a feisty one. I had to make this as fast as I could, wouldn't do to waste too much time battling this.

"Firada, use Flamethrower, then Psychic!" I ordered, and he knew just what I wanted.

The Pokemon leaned his arms on, the cannons reappearing in place of his hands as red-hot flames burst through them and towards the small Grass Pokemon. Then, the Magmortar's eyes shone, focusing on the blast of fire speeding towards the Pokemon.

The flames were then engulfed in psychic energy as the fire Pokemon willed them to move, momentarily circling the Grass Pokemon to distract it. Then, as he waved his hands, the flames joined again, making a sizzling noise as they took the shape of a long, slender blazing serpent floating in the sky. Magmortar then slammed one of his arms down, and the snake came raining on the grass Pokemon, an angry mask of fire leading the attack.
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