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After expressing his interest in catching a ghost type pokemon, Alden followed the ranger, who had made a turn to his left and begun heading to the fringes of the valley. I guess that makes sense, thought Alden. The trees around the valley look dark and gloomy - a perfect place for ghosts to make their home. Umbreon followed behind her trainer at a steady pace. She still had an alert look in her face and Alden could tell that the eerie valley as a whole was bothering her.

It was only a few minutes walk through the tall, flowering shrubs and grasses until Alden and the ranger heard something. It sounded like a shrill, high-pitched cry to the trainer. "Espeon!"

Having two Eeveelutions himself, Alden knew how rare they were in the wild. After acknowledging that it wasn't a ghost type, the ranger went on to confirm the trainer's suspicions. The Espeon stood a good 20-30 feet away from the two of them, staring at Alden's Umbreon. Umbreon matched the stare with one of her own, her ears cocked back and a twinge of excitement in her eyes. "Well Umbreon," said Alden to his pokemon. "You want to try and catch the Espeon?"

Umbreon looked up at her trainer, nodding her head. "Bre, bre, Umbreon!"

"Alright then," said the trainer, pointing at the Espeon, who stared back cautiouslly. "Go ahead Umbreon, lets start with a Faint Attack!"

Umbreon hunched back, her azure stripes turning jet black, her yellow eyes staring intently at her target. The look in the pokemon's eyes surprised her trainer. Umbreon was typically a calm and passive pokemon, yet she looked very eager right now. Maybe its the fact that she is fighting an Espeon, thought Alden. Maybe... maybe she likes the Espeon and wants me to catch it so that they can be together? As improbable as it sounded, the thought still brought an amused smile to the trainer's face.

A split second later, Umbreon lunged forward, her stripes ablaze with an intense blue color. Mid-lunge, she faded from view, and then reappearing behind a confused Espeon. As Umbreon's black body appeared again, she twisted her body, gaining momentum, and swung her tail in a downward angle at the unsuspecting Espeon.
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