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Default Re: Individual RP; DarkGardevoir

"well, no, not really, but I don't think we're getting out of this encounter this easily... But first!" I said, drawing Magmortar's ball back out and calling the big guy too in a flash of red light. "hey Firada, I bet you'll like these," I told my Pokemon as I handed him the handful of Oran Berries that Talond said were ripe. "They should help relieve you of some of the fatigue."

The fire Pokemon took them into his hands with a solemn nod, then throwing them into his mouth rather hastily. I thought he looked better already, but I couldn't be so sure.

"Now, could you please scare the Oddish away? I think a Lava Plume can do," then I turned to the Ranger. "Sorry if this messes up the path a little. If Oddish gets away, I'll see to fix it up."

Channelling the fire from his flame pouch into his cannon barrel-like arms, Firada's hands seemingly disappeared, retreated into his body to allow for the attack to be used. Letting out a harsh growl he then punched the ground, pumping the blast of fire directly in there and then, controlling the lava, he made it rise up from the ground, a towering structure of molten rocks that sped towards the little grass Pokemon.

OoC: Skitty is male btw.
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