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Default Re: Voice Acting

Originally Posted by RocketMeowth View Post
*punts you repeatedly into the wall* YOU TAKE THAT BACK!! D:<


Anyways... I think I might want a part of my fic voiced. I just need to figure out what part. I'm thinking either the big group talk during the stealth training when the apprentices were teaming up, a moment between Rocket and Jet, or the moment when Mercury and Red Blood are introduced. xD

=^^= Nya
*half dead* ....Uuuuhhhhhh, sorry? x.x

Um. To business! I need someone to play Rye from my TSR fic! =D You have to be a male, have a calm, but serious voice. Um... maybe deep. I'm not too sure. xD If you've read the fic you should have an idea of how he sounds.

I'M PLAYING ZANNA. Cause she's my character and all, and based off me. xD I think I have someone to play Jarre.

Edit: And because I'm just that cool, I'm using Garageband on my Mac because it works better. xP I can also make myself sound like a male! xD

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