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Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
Welcome to PE2K, Yo Face Here! That's a creative username you've got there. xD

But this place, I should warn you, has been absolutely addicting. Since I signed up, I haven't gone more than a week without PE2K, excluding a couple of vacations where I either had limited access to the internet. The only sites I checked during my vacation were Serebii, Bulbapedia, PokéBeach, Facebook, and Yahoo! Mail; the first three for general Pokémon news, and the latter two to get in touch with my friends and family. And I had to do this in the morning in less than ten minutes so I could spend time with my family before everybody was up and ready.

So, PE2K has a lot to offer, provided you find what's right for you! We have tons of things to do, as I've said to the other new users on this subforum. We have graphics artistry, fanfiction and other writing, competitive battling and trading (including cloning and battling strategies and advice), ASB and URPG, general roleplaying, and tons more. And for more laid-back users, we have other stuff such as polls and the Other: Chat board for whatever! So read the rules, start posting, and get set for an awesome time! And again, welcome to PE2K!
Yeah What He Said! XD

But anyways, welcome to the forums!
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