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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Mimori Sato and Reno Sato
Island 2
10:XX A.M.

Reno looked at the Weavile and Empoleon that his opponent had sent out. Jack acted as if he was a really good trainer, so Reno was going to go all out in this battle. “Fine then. Terra, use Purgatory!” Reno commanded. A look spread across the Houndoom’s face that could only be described as a smirk, although with is being a dog it could hardly be considered one. In an instant flames appeared on the ground underneath the Weavile and shot up a few seconds later, leaving only a short time for the Pokemon to get out of the way.

Heh. Ridley, use Dragon Breath!” Reno commanded the other Pokemon he had sent out. During the confusion of the Houndoom’s attack, Ridley fired a large jet of purple flames out of it’s mouth at the Empoleon. It then flew up into the air, high enough so that it could only be hit by special attacks.

Mimori smiled and got far enough away from Niall to qualify the space in between as a battlefield. She was going to give Niall a good fight, no matter how good of a trainer he was he would. “Sparky, use Volt Tackle! Blaze, use Flame Wheel!” She commanded. The Raichu charged right at the eagle Pokemon that was opposing it, with it’s body shrouded in more electricity than any Pikachu could ever achieve. Meanwhile, the Typhlosion rolled into a ball and burst into flames, then rolling at the Lucario of the opposing trainer.

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