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Default Re: Voice Acting

And we’ve got another one ready, featuring Chapter 4 of Shen’s fic, The Trial of Juno: United in Arms.

And you can find it all right here!


Neo Pikachu as Sivaris the Staraptor
Shen as Landon Denathos the Pikachu
RocketMeowth as Zhunjai the Sandshrew

And below is the fun script we used, as well as where the music tracks are from. I’d have to say, the music tracks Shen selected worked extremely well in this. Enjoy.

SIVARIS: Doin' alright back there, Landon?

MUSIC: Kingdom Heart: Destiny Islands

LANDON: Yeah, I’m fine. My shoulder’s a little sore from that bullet yesterday, but it’s nothing; war and pain goes hand in hand, after all.

SIVARIS: Landon, I know that the medallion’s still bothering you…

LANDON: Sivaris, if you felt what I felt, you’d understand. I’ve never felt a force like that…ultimate despair, darkness…It was just horrible…

SIVARIS: Landon, come on, you’re better than that. Juno buried it, so it’s done and over with. Just focus on the fact that it all was a success, despite the fact we lost two warriors to that bloodbath…

LANDON: Yeah…Yeah, you’re right. I’m a soldier. If I let myself be consumed by thoughts like these, or dwelling on the deaths of other soldiers, I’m useless in battle. This is nothing.

SIVARIS: There we go, that’s the Landon I know.

SIVARIS: I just carry you in the air, Landon. You're the one doin' the other half of the work. Nice aim, by the way; that Azumarill didn't know what hit 'im.

LANDON: Yeah...but that was about the only freebie I got; I wouldn't have wasted so many bullets if that many Royal Enforcers weren't, that Altaria the Azumarill had could really fly. Almost a match for you, Sivaris...almost.

SIVARIS: Damn straight.

SIVARIS: I can see where we're headed, my love-struck friend.

LANDON: Sure, why doncha just go tell the whole damn island?

SIVARIS: Well, if that's how you're going to act, then I shall! You will forever regret the day you dared mar the perfection that is Sivaris of the Typhoon Runners, my small prey!


ZHUNJAI: Well, glad to see you made it back in one piece, Landon. I was afraid that this time I'd have to sew your arm back on, or something.

LANDON: Dost mine ears deceive me? Is my best friend actually doubting my capabilities in battle, or did a Spinda fuddle my senses?

ZHUNJAI: You're always so defensive of your so-called capabilities. Just know that I was worried for your life, as usual. You know war is a risky business, especially against the Black Onyx.

LANDON: Well, you know what they say about the business of war. Business is boomin'.

ZHUNJAI: Landon...please, would you let me at least get you some ice for that? It's gonna get ugly real quick if you don't do something about it...

MUSIC: Suikoden I OST - Main Theme Arranged ~ Ensemble Version

LANDON: Yeah, sure. I was...gonna ask you in a moment anyway.

Ah, that feels a lot better...

ZHUNJAI: It was hurting you a lot more than you showed, wasn't it, Landon...?

LANDON: Not like it matters that much. I am a soldier and still bodily able, so it's really nothing to worry much about. Besides...I've had worse than this...

ZHUNJAI: I know, Landon, but...Well, I know you're strong, but you don't have to act like you're unable to feel pain. You're mortal like the rest of us, but you always shrug off every injury, always raring to go on to the next mission, to the next battle... It's a little unnerving, sometimes. I admire you for your strength, but I also worry about how you treat yourself as well because of that strength...It's okay to feel the weakness of the flesh sometimes...

LANDON: I've endured way too much to let something as simple as a bruise or a few cuts bother me, Zhunjai...I've seen the horrors of the Black Onyx Kingdom nearly my entire life, I know what they're capable of. To take them down once and for all, weakness of the flesh is something that I cannot allow myself to feel. Besides, I can always trust on you to repair whatever damage I get in battle, from a cut on my arm to a severed limb!

ZHUNJAI: Dammit, Landon, that's nothing to act so coolly about! That's serious business!

LANDON: Alright, alright, sheesh! Sometimes I worry more about losing my life at your hands than in battle...

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