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Default Re: Voice Acting

I'm impressed actually. I CANNOT believe that HARRY has that voice. I mean, that kind of enthusiasm he threw off here as Spark? Is that you Harry? IRL I mean :< (LOL). Shen is serious and all cool(like I how I imagined him to be) and SoA is very quiet/cute<3 Hahaha, overall, a job well done!

@Neo : It was like an epic movie(war/horrow/ghost) narration. Hahaha, I really like it :)

Can there be Voice Acting in general? I mean, I can do things like funny pun adverts or comments on daily Pokemon/etc. Oh, and if you don't know how I sound like, Ask Xanthe or Gemma or DeeGee. I've webcammed with the first two quite A LOT, and have spoke with DG via DS microphone feature(i made him laugh when we were wi-fi battling). lol.


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