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Originally Posted by Shen View Post
Hehe, well, I have never read your story, to be honest. But that doesn't mean I can't read it sometime anyway. And as Harry said...

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
So I did one at Shen's request, as a narration to his fic United in Arms, which could be found right here:

Yes, thanks to Soundforge, I was able to mix some nice music that fits the mood in there. So yeah, that's what I sound like. If you want me to be a voice actor in whatever part you have planned, just let me know.
Wow, Neo, that was really awesome! I love how the music fit into it too!

Also, if you two want to help me, just say so here and I'll send you the lines I need for the animation. And yeah, I think a sort of deep but calm-ish sounding voice would be good for Cyclone. (And if you're curious, I have some sketches of the animation up here. (I've done a lot more since then, though). I really want to be able to animate Cyclone speaking, since I'm on a part where he needs to. XD)

I might actually try voice acting a scene from a story for practice...I guess I might as well try, even though I'm horrible at it. xD

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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