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OOC: No problem; better late than never ;)

As my ranger - an instructor in a way; due to my lack of knowledge regarding both The Great Lakes, and the National Park itself - finished the question of what I would like to do about the small tadpole in front of us. I locked eyes with it, and glanced back at Brisbane, who just gave a smile and a slight nod. On that note, I had made up my mind; I would try to capture the small tadpole.

It was nothing special. As an experienced trainer, it was typical that I had seen many Poliwags before, and this one was nothing special. It had the same circular shape, the same long, silky tail and the colour of it - a slightly dull blue - was nothing out of the ordinary, either. Just a run-of-the-mill Poliwag.

It was sitting - or standing? It was hard to tell as it was partially submerged beneath the calm surface of the water - at the edge of the lake, almost mocking me.

"Come on," it was thinking. "I'm just a Poliwag, so what are you going to do? Just IGNORE ME?"

"Right," I said aloud, so that Brisbane could hear me. "I'm going to attempt to capture it."

In an attempt to catch it slightly off guard, I released my Lanturn from my Pokéball, and as if it sensed we were on land, it got launched a very short distance, just far enough to be in the lake.

"Okay," I told my fish. "Although they're powerful against water-types, try to not use your electric-typed moves until he's on land. We don't want to be told to leave for killing the rest of the fish, do we now?"

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