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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Brother and Sister Tom and Beth

Tom's Pkmn;
Aggron, level 94 [Name, Thor]
Garchomp, level 95
Gallade, level 96 [Name, Blade]

Beth's Pkmn;
Lapras, level 97 [Name, Beau]
Roserae, level 98 [Name, Thorn]
Gardevoir, level 99 [Name, Venus]

[Prize: 10000 pokédollars]

Starting Words (Both); Our Ma taught us how to raise our Pokémon!

Winning speech (Tom); Beth, we won!
Winning Speech (Beth); Wow, good match! Better luck next time!

Draw (Tom); Hmmm... Again!
Draw (Beth); We're as tough as eachother, hee hee.

Loss (Tom); No! Beth, you let us down!
Loss (Beth); Wow, you're really strong!

After battle speech (Tom); Grumble grumble...
After battle speech (Beth); Don't worry about Tom, he's a sore loser, hee hee.

A win leads to a fight against: Ma Richards.

Ma's Pkmn;
Snorlax, level 100 [Name, Achilles]
Gengar, level 100 [Name, Schadenfreude]
Onyx, level 100 [Name, Medusa]
Miltank, level 100 [Name, Gretle]
Alakazam, level 100 [Name, Psi]
Gyarados, level 100 [Name, Leviathan]

[Prize: 50000 pokédollars]

Starting words; You beat my children? This'll be a good fight!

Winning speech; Ho ho! Nobody beats Ma!

Draw; Let's try this fight again sometime, okay sweetie?

Loss speech; Wow, you really are tough!

After battle speech; That was a good fight, you must come back sometime, okay sweetie?
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