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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Kyle, Veridia, Andre
Center Isle

Before Andre could reply, the girl who had been watching the battle walked up to the two of them. Kyle turned slightly so he could face both of them. Marco slowly waddled over to Kyle. He stretched his mouth and yawned loudly. He stretched his small arm up and hit his pokeball, then disappeared inside it.

"I'm here for the challenge." Kyle replied.He then turned around and jogged quickly to a tree of a ways, where he had left his bag. He picked it up, after quickly swiping in pokeballs that had fallen out.

While he was doing this both Tak and Rust walked over the the new pokemon. Tak stared intently at the Genar, tilting it's head. Rust however stood a next to the Arcanine. "Hound... Doom."

Kyle came back and stood where he once was before.