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Default Re: [DS] Ydos, the Parellel Beyond

Originally Posted by ID Saraibre Ryu View Post
Yes Crystal and I will discuss about the evidence, but so far, this seems a good way to me to get the ball rolling. Hell, now thanks to Neo, Kenneth could have killed said person and made it look like our candidate if he so finds it fitting.
It wouldn't surprise me if Neo agrees with that. It seems like Kenneth is the type of guy who can easily put the blame on someone else and no one would suspect him.

As for candidates for murder suspects, so far we have Charmander009's character Kilo and my character Kenna. In a way both could be the perfect suspects, but we can only have one person to blame. We are going to have to decide which one is going be be the suspect before the RP starts is what I'm thinking.
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