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Originally Posted by Kumori Gem View Post
I'm not too bad at titles depending on what the story's about.

Team StormRiders was easy - that's the name of their team! xP

Redeemer; Sanguine Sky was a little different. Those of you that have read the first chapter - which is like the entire story lol - will know why sanguine sky is in there.

I want to write a Bleach fanfic now, but I'm not far enough along yet - or understand it nearly enough - to write it. I have no idea what to call it. XD
Yeah Gem - thanks to you, that's how I got the name for Sonic Shift [3]: Sanguine Snow XD Although, the name fits...An abnormal winter (snowing in summer, yo 0o'), lots of fighting (ironically enough, most of the blood spilled will be Skye's. This "chapter" is the one where he gets his arse kicked a lot).

Hurray! XD All the names of my stories have to do something with the plot - Dark Storm (evil is on the horizon), New Moon (Sonic's transformations occur nightly, as in not requiring the moon), Doomsday (reference to the villain and the fact it will be a pretty big fight...As well as one character dying and not coming back) XD

Oh, and Sonic Shift is basically meaning that we "shifted" from one universe to another. Infection is...Well, I can't tell you ;)
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