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Default Hurt n' Heal Anime Characters

So this is Hurt n' Heal but with characters from Random Animes ^^

And no whining about the lack of Bleach. -.-

(-1 and +1)

Itachi (Naruto) - 10
Sasuke (Naruto) - 10
Akito (Fruits Basket) - 10
Tohru (Fruits Basket) -10
L (Death Note) - 10
Light (Death Note - 10
Nico Robin (One Piece) - 10
Spandam (One Piece) - 10
Sylia (Bubblegum Crisis) - 10
Galatia (Bubblegum Crisis) - 10
Hikaru (Hikaru no Go) - 10
Akira (Hikaru no Go) - 10

Next person can start.

Also, the first person to find the special thing I put in here regarding the list (It could be that each set of three characters are related to each other in the anime, or every set of two characters have the favorite color) gets to remove and add 3 one time only. PM me with your guesses and I will tell you if you got it right or not.
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