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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Veridia Lancrae
10:44 AM
Centre Island

"Hmm, there isn't really anything to do today. Quite a few of the gym leaders are having today as their day off. And since I don't really see any other competitors, that means most of the are probably already challenged..." Veridia half mumbled to herself, half mumbling to Shadow as they were walking around the island.
"Well, why don't we train now? We could try some contest moves and see if they'll come in handy during battles." Taking out her Netball and Fastball, Veridia threw them high into the sky. Two white beams shot out, showing Wave, her Walrein and Flare, her Arcanine.

"Guys, lets practise some of our moves so we have a higher chance of winning." With a nod of agreement, the two Pokemon waited for their trainer's commands.
"Wave, start out with an Ice Ball, and aim it at the sky. Flare, follow up with Will-o-wisp"
Wave opened his mouth and threw into the air a round, ball of ice. The moment it was thrown up, Flare spat out small, blue flames at the ice. As the two attacks hit eachother, they created small, white and blue glitters, falling down on her two Pokemon.
"Great job guys, now Wave, use your Blizzard attack straight ahead, and Flare, use Flame Wheel in it!"
Wave held his head high, pausing for a second before sending out a strong gust of frost. Flare immediately cloaked herself in bright flames, charging into the Blizzard up ahead him. Some of the snow melted away, greating glitters, while other swirled around the body of the dog.

Racing back to her trainer, Flare finished off the performance with a leap and landing gracefully on the group.
"Good work guys." Veridia congratulated her Pokemon before returning Wave. As she aimed the red beam at Flare, she dodged, before running ahead.
"Hey, Flare, wait up!" Veridia cried, before chasing after the Arcanine, with Shadow at her side.
"Huh, whats this?" Flare had stopped up ahead, where she saw two males, battling each other. One had a Slowbro and Houndoom. The other with Venasaur and Flareon.
"Oh, they must be other competitors. Wondering why they're fighting now..." Veridia said to herself, as she walked to Flare's side.

Credit to Zapdogre for the av and Palkiaperson for sig.