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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Stephanie Brennan
10:42 AM
Island 4

"Land girl, the trainer for this gym isn't here," Stephanie said to Dragonite. Dragonite landed softly on the otherside of the island and Stephanie hopped off. "Damn it!" She groaned out loud causing a few beach goers to look her way. She ignored them and plopped herself on the sandy beach. Dragonite walked over and opened her wings to provide some cover from the sun.

"Thanks girl, I don't want to get a weird-looking tan now," she said with a small laugh. She was highly disappointed when she showed up ready to battle, but it was a moot point. The leader wasn't present and she pouted after she was turned away. She closed her eyes to push away the negative feelings and to think about where her next move was going to be.

Suddenly, Dragonite seemed to answer the question for her. She barked loudly, causing Stephanie to open her eyes and stand up quickly. "What, battle what?" She asked quickled. Dragonite shook her head and pointed out to the sea. "Another Island?" Seeing Dragonite nodding she smiled gently and agreed. "Yeah, we could go to another Island. Hey I heard some singer was a leader or something like that in Island 6, we should go there." Dragonite nodded and lowered herself down so Stephanie could jump up. Before she did, she brushed off the sand from her pants and then she jumped on.

"Alright girl, let's go to Island 6 and let's get there quickly!" Dragonite barked and shot up off the beach with incredible speed. Withing seconds they were in the air and on their way over to Island 6.
]"Charizard, listen to me!" I screamed out.

Charizard looks at me and snorts, "No."


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