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Default Re: Hurt n' Heal: Video Game Bosses

Kefka 10
Sephiroth 7
Dracula 13
The Archdemon 10
Jonaleth Irenicus 13
Baal 10
The Guy 10
M. Bison 10
Geese Howard 10
Nightmare 10
Apocalypse 10
Onslaught 10
The Vazier 10
Darth Sideous 9
Darth Vader 10
Mike Tyson 6
Bowser 9
Wario 5
Master Hand 17
Ganon 11
Mother Brain 11
Jedah 9
Pyron 10

Well if the idea is final bosses, then:

When has Wario ever been a final boss?
The final boss of the SSE in SSBB is Tabuu, shouldnt he count?
King K. Rool isnt here
Porky isnt here
Naked Snake isnt here
Dr. Eggman isnt here
King Dedede/Meta Knight arent here
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