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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Stephanie Brennan
Island 4 Beach
10:35 AM

Stephanie's Dragonite landed softly on the sandy beach and barked loudly to announce their arrival. Stephanie, though, just laughed nervously as she roused attention from other trainers and people. She jumped off Dragonite and returned her back to her pokeball. She stretched and looked around the entire beach.

The sun felt heavenly and the waves lapped gently on the beach creating a soothing sound. She frowned and scratched her head. "[COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]Who's in charged of this place[/COLOR]?" She asked out loud as she continued to look around. Her coat gently flapped around her legs as a gentle wind came ashore. "Might as well find out," she muttered to herself. Sighing, Stephanie started walking offshore to find out where and when to battle.
]"Charizard, listen to me!" I screamed out.

Charizard looks at me and snorts, "No."


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