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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Andre Barle
Center Island
10:31 AM

"Did I miss the ferries already?" Andre thought. After he had arrived on Center Island, he had promptly fell asleep. Now he was alone, with an empty ocean in front of him. "Whatever," he said aloud. Pulling a pokeball from his belt, he threw it into the sea. Out emerged a Dewgong, who flexed her tail. Andre jumped onto her back, and they rode off, trying to find one of the islands of the challenge. He was surrounded by endless sea, with no signs of land around him. "Maybe I should get a better view," he said aloud. He returned his Dewgong, and sent out a beautiful light blue cloud dragon. "Altaria!" she crooned, and he hopped on her back, already soaking wet. "Let's see...that one looks promising..." he thought. Pulling out a pair of binoculars from his backpack, he commanded Altaria to stop and stared at the distant island far below. "You look like you need a rest..." Andre thought, but Altaria was determined to get her master to where he wanted to go. After a sudden burst of wind, she took off wildly for the craggy hills of the island.
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