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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Lyla Emony
Island 3
10:32 A.M.

"Being a gentleman in battle won't help you much. Mima and Niall! Good luck to the both of you!" Lyla exclaimed. She smiled at her pokemon. She then placed her legs apart. This meant that Lyla was now in what she called her "zone". "Aqua use Bubblebeam towrads and Heart use Air Slash on both of Aidan's pokemon!" Lyla commanded. Aqua let lose a shot gun of strong and speeding bubbles towards his opponents pokemon. Heart slashed his wing and a crystal blue twister merged with the bubblebeam. A bubble twister was racing towards Aidan's pokemon. Lyla awaited to see how her opponent would respond.

Dax Hansen and Rosalina Martin
Island 6
10:32 A.M.

Dax on top of his Empoleon, Zora, had finally arrived on the island. Dax ran to the Island Dome with his pokemon right behind him. He shoved the doors open and barged in. Rosalina stood up and walked to the battle field. "You must be another boring challenger. Well let's get your defear over with, chump!" Rosalina exclaimed distastefully. Dax jumped onto the opposite side of the field. Zora jumped over Dax and in front of him in battle position. Rosalina's Torterra, Tess, stepped onto the battlefield. "Tess let's start this off with Leaf Storm!" Rosalina exclaimed. Tess shook his body and a whirlwind of leaves raced at high speeds towards Zora. Dax smiled at Rosalina's attack call. "Zora use Hydro Cannon!" Dax commanded. Zora unleashed a sphere of hyper water into the leaf twister. The Hydro Cannon shredded all the leaves and slammed into Tess. "Hmph! Maybe your not so boring after all," Rosalina whispered to herself.

"Tess use Take Down!" Rosalina ordered. Tess glew a bright yellow and ran towards Zora. With each step Tess took she shook the ground. Zora took a slight step back. "Zora use Metal Claw!" Dax exclaimed. Zora slashed at Tess with its wing glowing furiously. Tess was hit but did not budge. Tess then used more force and knocked Zora back. Zora flew off of the battle field. Zora slammed into the hard concrete wall. Zora was instantly knocked out. Dax grunted in defeat. Rosalina cackled her opponent's defeat. "Return Zora," Dax stated as he returned Zora to her poke ball. Dax put Zora's poke ball into his back and took out another one. "It's not over yet!" Dax exclaimed while clutching the poke ball intensley. Rosalina just laughed once again in pure arrogance.

Dax tossed the poke ball and a white light revealed his Azura, Gabite. "Azura use Dig!" Dax asserted. Azura began slashing at the ground at an amazing speed and made a deep hole. She dived in and was hidden below ground. "Silly little boy. I can counter this and attack you as well! Tess use Earthquake!" Rosalina commanded. Tess stomped her front legs and a the hole ground shook. Azura was launched out of the ground and rolled onto the floor in front of Dax. Azura struggled but stood up. So she isn't just an airhead. She is powerful! I'll have to do something stupendous to turn this battle around... Rosalina laughed a loud laugh.

"Tess! Let's end this with Hyper Beam!" Rosalina shouted. Tess opened its mouth and launched a red beam of hyper active energy at Azura. "Azura use Dragon Claw!" Dax ordered. Azura's claw began glowing a bright green but Azura had taken too long. The attack had already hit her before she could actually do something. Once the smoke cleared, Azura was revealed to be unable to continue. Rosalina jumped in happiness. Dax lowered his head in disappointment. He returned Azura to her poke ball. He took another poke ball from his bag as he put Azura's poke ball back in. He threw it into the air and out came his Bayleaf, Blossom.

"Tess use Take Down!" Rosalina exclaimed. Tess glew a bright yellow then charged at Blossom. "Blossom use a strong Vine Whip on Tess's right front leg!" Dax commanded. Blossom sent out a vine from its neck and whipped Tess in just the right spot on her leg. Tess was sent toppling off the arena. Rosalina grunted in frustration. "Now finish this with Energy Ball!" Dax ordered. Blossom launched a green ball of energy from its mouth at Tess. It slammed into Tess and exploded. After the smoke cleared, Tess was revealed to be knocked out. Rosalina stomped her foot in anger while Dax danced in joy.

"Xeera let's show this loser who he's dealing with! Cross Poison now!" Rosalina yelled in anger. Xeera sped at Blossom as it crossed it arms ready to slash. Blossom stood awaiting her trainer's orders. "Now use Vine Whip to launch yourself in the air!" Dax exclaimed. Blossom used her vines to push her off the ground. "Oldest trick. A lot of trainers use it. Xeera do your thing," Rosalina stated. Xeera jumped effortlessly in front of Blossom and slashed her. Blossom slammed into the ground. It had been a super effective hit. "Finish with X-Scissor!" Rosalina ordered. Xeera landed in front of Blossom and slashed. Blossom was sent sliding into Dax. Dax and Blossom ended on the ground. "You lost! As I predicted. Now leave my sight until you are worth a challenge," Lyla taunted as she walked and sat down at a table. Dax returned Blossom and shamefully walked out of the dome. His head looking down at the ground.
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