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Default Re: Hurt n' Heal: Video Game Bosses

Originally Posted by Mewcario View Post
That's because Ridley is not a FINAL BOSS. He is a sub boss, a mid boss. And there are multiple FF bosses because each FF is completely different (with the exception of FFX series and FF7 series)
The thread is titled "Videogame Bosses" with no mention of being final bosses, so I wouldn't know otherwise.
Besides, Mother Brain was only a final boss twice (and in the remake of the original metroid, mother brain isn't even the final boss anymore), while Ridley has been the penultimate boss in all but 3 Metroid games. He's a much more prominent villain.
...Hell, Dark Samus/Metroid Prime has been a final boss more times than Mother Brain.

also, off the logic that each FF is different, this thing needed more FF villains. Kuja was a much more successful villain in his universe than Sephiroth, and he wasn't a mama's boy, either! He's also the only FF villain to have actually destroyed a planet. Golbez, while he ends up turning good, is a much more involved-in-the-plot villain than Sephiroth. Garland is the first, original FF villain and deserves a mention just for that. Exdeath is basically Sephiroth except his true form is a freaking tree. Can't beat that.

also, bowser and wario are from the same series
ditto for marvel/capcom and darkstalkers

Kefka 10
Sephiroth 8
Dracula 13
The Archdemon 10
Jonaleth Irenicus 12
Baal 10
The Guy 10
M. Bison 10
Geese Howard 10
Nightmare 10
Apocalypse 10
Onslaught 10
The Vazier 10
Darth Sideous 9
Darth Vader 10
Mike Tyson 6
Bowser 9
Wario 6
Master Hand 16
Ganon 11
Mother Brain 11
Jedah 9
Pyron 10

and star wars didn't even start out as a videogame

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