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Default Re: Gay/Les/Bi-Sexual/Straight

I'm going to be honest here; I'm a hypocrite when it comes to homosexuality. I'm somewhat homophobic, as in I feel a little weird when I'm around an obviously gay person (men, namely since I'm male). However, I'm not at all vocal about it or rude to whomever I'm near. For example, I get my hair cut by one of my mom's employees, who is gay. I feel a little put off, but whatever. Despite this, it is sexually attractive to me when women are lesbian/bisexual. Haters gonna hate.

To anyone who says they are straight and have never had a gay thought, I'm calling shenanigans. Never would I kiss another guy, or have any sort of relations with them, but it's popped into my head every once in a while. That's perfectly normal and people need to realize this.
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