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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

Elite Four Champion: Karate Master Luke
Fighting Pokemon

Shiny Machamp (Level: 89)
Machamp (Level: 95)
Hitmontop (Level: 85)
Hitmonchan (Level: 100)
Hitmonlee (Level: 92)
Shiny Tyrogue (Level: 100)

Starting Words: "I will kick you in the face, if you don't back off."
You Win: "Master, I have lost."
You Lose: "You are a weakling. Want some more?"
Draw: "Lets go again, IF you can take it."

Winnings: TM Close Combat, 10,000 Poke, and Shiny Machop.

Words about Close Combat: "This will grant you a win, but only if you use it right. It has a 75% chance of missing."
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