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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Blackmoon Ravenwing(Vasto Lordes) and Orihime Inoue
World of the Living: Karakura
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"Uryu, are you okay? No--of course you aren't... Shuno, Ayame, I need your help again, please." She sighed, and the two Shun Shun Rikka separated from her hair clips to tend to her friend while Blackmoon landed in a crouch before pain spilt up her arm. She growled and reached for it, rubbing at the leftover scar and muttering curses under her breath.

"Ugh, stupid arm. How am I supposed to perform any cero if it hurts like this afterwards? I suppose that means no bala, either, and those things are my best skill next to hand-to-hand... Looks like my sword won't be the only thing needing fixing." She grumbled as she hurried over to Orihime and the stranger she'd apparently helped, and she was irked by the princess comment. "If he'd actually felt anything for any of us, I'd be surprised. I'm definately no princess." She muttered, Orihime looked to her.

"Are you okay, Blackmoon? Your arm...?" She asked, frowning, Blackmoon shook her head.

"Probably shouldn't have fired that cero, but there wasn't much else I could do--bala wouldn't have caused as much damage, nor would it have stopped his own cero. I'll be fine once the pain goes away." She assured, feeling slightly off balance. Orihime reached out a hand to steady her, as if she knew how the Arrancar felt, then looked bac to Uryu.

"I was kind of late because I was busy picking up a stray puppy, she needed a little more than a slight healing. Hopefully Shuno and Ayame will have you fixed soon, but I know you'll live. Her, I wasn't so sure." She said, looking to Blackmoon, who shrugged.

"I wouldn't have made it if not for you and the other guy, but he's totally thrown me out of wack. I feel wierd now." Blackmoon complained.

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