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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Cuora Pani; Vasto Lorde
World of the Living, Karakura Town (top of the Tatayi corp)
Noone really.

I rolled my eyes as mister Trigger Happy threatened me- I could clearly feel their power, even subdued, it would've been a simple matter to apply some of it to cause a small blank in that woman's memory, but alas, maybe they weren't that smart. Or some weird cosmic rule forbade them from doing that, which would be incredibly stupider since they were clearly interfering already and really didn't seem to give a damn.
I sighed, carefully picking my words. "For all she saw of me, I'm only a stranger on a rooftop. She then fainted, and from how easily that happened she couldn't possibly be aware of how lucky she is to work for you, mister." Or maybe unlucky. If this power output was anything to go by he was the reason she could see me. "Mister... I didn't catch your name," I said to the second Routaikakami that arrived. "I guess I'll have to take on your offer..." Finally
It was troublesome, and dangerous. It clearly was a compelling energy to feed on, but.. but I knew that some things weren't meant to be. Nevertheless, I had to do something, else the two Pretty Cure there would flay me alive, what with all that talk about Retribution and whatnot.

I breathed deeply, focusing to recall my pressure and direct it to the willfully defenseless Routaikakami as the other didn't seem to really care about the whole thing. I could feel the unfamiliar energy creeping towards me, and I flinched momentarily. It was too strong... I- I briefly lost control of my technique and ended up leeching more than I had intended, it all making me feel uneasy.

I felt... bloated. It was weird, and I didn't really like it. Trying to mantain some composure, I straightened back and looked at them whole lot again. "If you have nothing more to tell me, I'd rather be going. There's somebody at the base of this building I'd rather not meet." This said, I turned around and gripped the air in front of me, forcing it open like it was a giant set of teeth and I was invading an otherwordly mouth. I sighed as I had to enter another Garganta so soon- I'd rather have not, but they left me no choice, Back to Hueco Mundo it is!

I stepped in the gate, feeling it close behind me as I was sort of squished in the extradimensional field and right after was dumped in the vaste deserted lands of the Hollow world.

Then I passed out.
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