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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Realm of the Living - Kagamino City

The two brothers paced around their targets, their eyes darted violently as they waited for the perfect oppurtunity to strike. Abel's Hollow, a white-skinned beast wearing a black mask and housing many large spikes nestled in its back was chuckling heavily. It knew that Abel was just a being made of Spiritual Pressure, and that if he used too much energy, his brother would be weakened severely. The beast used its long, gaunt arms to reach around and pulled a pair of the spikes out of its back. Suddenly, a young voice echoed from where Abel had left his brother and the second Hollow.

"Enough of this!" the aggressive voice echoed, "I'm taking you down!"

"Bring it on!" Abel cried, gripping Shinseina Ototo's wooden, hook-shaped hilt tightly.

The Hollow's whip-like arms snapped as it threw the spikes. The sharp points glistened in the light as they flew towards the Black-haired Soul Reaper. Abel smirked, raising the cane and twisting it, so that the blade gently kissed the two spines. Just when it seemed like he would be pierced, Abel swung the blade in a circle, knocking both projectiles away. He rushed forward, holding the blade just above his left shoulder, the point glistened as it reflected the Hollow's black mask. The soul-eating beast smiled, catching the Soul Reaper's sword, halting Abel's progress.

"Looks like I blocked it," the Hollow said teasingly.

"That's what I wanted!" Abel grunted, "Hakudo Number 31, Shakkaho!"

The Hollow laughed as Abel chanted his Kido's name. A red sphere of hot energy emerged from Shinseina Ototo's tip, exploding in the Hollow's face, causing the monstrosity to lose its grip on Abel. The boy landed on the ground, returning his blade to the point above his shoulder, watching his spell take effect. The Hollow writhed in pain, but then, it began to laugh again. Abel braced himself as the black-masked beast pulled out another spine, pointing it at the boy.

"Hakudo Number 31, Shakkaho!" the Hollow shouted.

Suddenly, a ball of red energy - the same kind as the one Abel had fired, flew from the tip of the spine. Normally, Hakudo Number 31 was easy to evade, if not re-direct, but the shock that a Hollow was able to perform Kido was too much for Abel. The fiery orb struck his chest, exploding in a blast of red smoke. The boy's robes emitted smoke as he rolled along the dirt.

"How?" he asked, his face covered in soot.

"Using Hakudo on me is a bad idea..." the Hollow replied, finding the situation hilarious, "I guess you could say, no matter how hard you hit me, I'll just keep bouncing it back!"

"Then bounce this back!" Abel called out, pointing his blade at the Hollow's torso, "Bakudo Number 1, Sai!"

Abel channeled his Spiritual Pressure into the Hollow's body, attempting to restrain it. The beast's lanky arms were forcefully snapped behind its back, causing the monster to fall to its knees. The masked beast suddenly roared in laughter, it looked Abel in the eyes, with a look that made the boy shudder.

"Bakudo Number 1..." it chanted.

"Impossible! You shouldn't be able to use Kido at all!" Abel roared in terror.

"Sai!" the monster cried, before returning to a standing position.

Just as the Hollow had pretended to do, Abel was forced to his knees, dropping his Zanpakuto and placing his hands behind his back. The boy's face was pressed into the ground, but he knew what was coming. The Hollow pulled its arms back, flinging the two spikes with all its might. Both spines were aimed perfectly, one would pierce the Soul Reaper's neck, the other would sail straight through his head. The Hollow laughed victoriously, Abel's artificial body wouldn't be able to survive this attack, and he'd be forced back into his brother's body.

Realm of the Living - Kagamino City

Abel and the black-masked Hollow were out of Cain's line of sight, meaning it was just him and the white-masked Hollow. This Hollow was the exact opposite of the one Abel was forced to fight. Its body was five times thicker than its counterpart, and the beast was covered in shiny, jet black plating. The beast's forearms were so large that it had to rest them on the ground to keep its balance. And while the black-masked Hollow was more of a joker, this Hollow was incredibly aggressive, making it the perfect beast to goad Cain into wasting his energy.

"Your friend is doomed," the Hollow taunted, "my brother will tear the ******* to pieces!"

"You need to give Abel more credit," Cain replied, tightening his grip on Warui Ototo, "after all, he's a combination of my Spiritual Pressure, and his own."

"It doesn't matter," the beast responded, refusing to move from its stance, "stack two pieces of trash on top of each other, and it's just more garbage!"

"Enough of this!" the brown-haired Soul Reaper roared, "I'm taking you down!"

With that, Cain lunged forward, his blade held firmly at his side, dragging through the dirt and grass. The Hollow laughed, tricking Cain into taking action was easier than it had expected. The boy's sharp blade made contact with white-masked beast's left arm, the friction of the blade grinding the armor created a shower of sparks. As luck would have it, the Hollow's shell was much stronger than Warui Ototo's blade, Cain's slash didn't leave a single scratch on it. The Hollow raised its arm, knocking Cain's Zanpakuto out of his hands, sending it soaring into the air. The beast then grabbed Cain, who was unable to break free of the monster's terrible grip.

"What's wrong? Don't know any Kido?" it laughed, "not that those worthless magic tricks are worth a damn anyways."

"Beating me won't be as easy as you think," the Soul Reaper smiled, focusing his Spiritual Pressure, "Uzumaki Yaiba!"

As the large fist slowly crushed the air out of Cain's lungs, his blade was making the return trip to its master. Just when it seemed like Cain would implode, Warui Ototo came spinning down, slashing at the Hollow's eyes, catching it by surprise. Cain broke free, and his Zanpakuto gracefully spun into his hands. He brought the blade up, and kissed the sharp metal.

"You've saved me yet again, Warui," he whispered gently.

For a moment, a girl appeared, invisible to all but Cain. The girl had red hair and soul-sucking black eyes. She wore a black dress, made out of the finest material. Her rosy lips pressed against Cain, the spirit of the Zanpakuto was as curvy as the blade she came from.

"Of course, I'd be useless without your handsome face using me," the spirit replied, before vanishing again.

"Your efforts are pointless!" the Hollow roared, "your bastard sword can never cut through my armor!"

Suddenly, a vicious cackling erupted from the place where Abel was fighting the black-masked Hollow.

"Hear that? Sounds like my brother has already beaten Abel."

"Not likely," Cain replied, placing a hand on his chest, "to be honest, Abel's a better Soul Reaper than I could ever be. If some bastard Hollow hadn't of killed him, he'd be a captain by now!"

Cain was fuming with anger, just as his opponent had hoped. It was only a matter of time before both brothers would fall. If neither of them caught on to the Hollow's tricks in time, then Cain would die, taking Abel with him. But this time, there would be no souls to merge with. If Cain falls, they'll both vanish from existence...

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