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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Matsumoto Rangiku
Lieutenant of Tenth Division
Leaving Third Division Barracks

The almost dismissal, the casualness of it after the intensity of their brief encounter was enough to really anger Rangiku. All of it coalescing into one - the anger, the pain, the humiliation, the hatred and love mixed into one ball...

In a way, though, it was a good thing. Somehow, it strengthened her resolve, and she was almost the old Rangiku again, if an angrier one. But oh no, this wasn't over. Even if she'd wanted to leave initially, there was no way she was letting him out of it now, not forever. Not after he'd looked at her like that. No. Damned. Freaking. Way.

Hitsugaya would kill her for it, leaving like this. She knew he would. But even as that thought formed in her mind, Rangiku's feet were moving, long, lithe form moving with quick-footed grace despite the bountiful motherload her chest carried. She was one of those few who enjoyed being a tall woman, and this case was one of those reasons why.

Even then, she wouldn't admit that it was partly spurred by that old desire to follow her once dearest friend wherever he went, as much for his sanity as for hers. She'd never admit that out loud, even to herself. It was far easier to just admit to curiousity over what had been happening, the desire for something new to pique her surprisingly sharp mind. Oh yeah, and to make sure the ******* didn't get himself killed in his quest for knowledge.

Thus, her narrowed eyes (the wind drying the tell tale tears of before) were a faint warning when she fell in beside him, step for running step towards the gates to the human world, the way her spiritual pressure spiked stubbornly a complete show of rebellioon. But her presence alone, the fact she was beside him again spoke completely for itself. And Haineko all but purred within it's confines at that fact.
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