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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Originally Posted by metal sonic;3203289

Gin Ichimaru[/B] =Soul Reaper, 3rd Division Captain=
Soul Society, near the Third Division Barracks

Gin sighed and shook his head. "Why does everyone think I'm acting? If you're going to yell at me or attack me, just get it over with already, will you?" He said, his tone both annoyed and completely honest at once. "I know I've been an insensitive bastard for longer than I care to claim. If you don't face your problems, you'll never get over them, and one day you'll regret not doing it. If you hate me, want to grind me into dust or drop me into an ocean somewhere, just go ahead and say it. If you don't get things straight with your emotions soon, you'll end up damaging the bond with your Zanpakuto. You'll never learn Bankai if you let your bond with Haineko crumble because of me."

Though he'd spoken mostly out of being annoyed, which was reflected slightly when he first started speaking, he did have a point. The emotional strife he'd gone through while pretending to work for Aizen had dulled Shinso, and he had quite nearly failed to keep the link between himself and the Zanpakuto through those long years. He shrugged and turned his back on Rangiku, adjusting Shinso's sheath against his sash. "I can safely say I probably won't be coming back here for a while. If you've got something you want to get off your chest, now's probably the best time. If not, I'll go ahead and leave," He stated, allowing his disheartened mood to come in to his tone. It's probably a bad thing, Gin thought, that I said that. Please, please, PLEASE don't stab me...
Matsumoto Rangiku
Lieutenant of the Tenth Division
Seretei - Third Division Barracks

"Don't talk down to me like I'm an idiot Academy brat, Gin," she snarled, thoroughly pissed with his explaining the very obvious. Like she was some idiot kid. It wasn't that so much though as the fact that he was poking at a very sore point - the bond with her zanpakuto. Of course, it was part of Rangiku's nature - probably the only one with a hatred for being criticised more than her was Yachiru, the little Lieutenant of the Eleventh. Especially on a matter like this.

It was humiliating, too. Having it pointed out like that. It really did make her feel like an errant child, something the very sensual female absolutely hated feeling. She wasn't sure what she'd been expecting, though. It was Gin; he wasn't going to make any attempt emotionally to take a step forward. What *was* she expecting? Soft words? A hug? She didn't know.

Soft words at least, she got in some measure. But damn it, why did she need it? She'd survived fine without him when he'd left her, whatever hold or fixture he'd had in her life. Gritting her teeth in fury, Rangiku did indeed reach for Haineko when Gin turned his back on her, her blue eyes fixed and immediately intent on the exposed spine, the glimpse of skin between haori and silver hair.

It even went so far as for the glint of metal to rasp against sheath, but the glimpse of the disheartened look on his face stilled her hand, leaving her frozen in the act of leaping on her old friend and tearing him to ribbons. It was amazing how much impact a look could have, and had she been a less strong-willed woman, Rangiku probably might have wept, sobbed, whatever.

As it was, she wasn't quite that pathetic. She glared at his back, the only giveaway the pained, confused look mingled with livid anger, the tell-tale, suspicious glimmer wetting the rims of her eyes and turning the usual bright, painfully blue gaze to darker indigo. Did he really have ANY idea how much it hurt? She wondered, and dismissed it, because if he did and cared as much as the sincerity in his voice suggested, he'd know that no matter how much he enraged her, she wouldn't kill him. Of all people.

Of all people, he should have known that. He should have known that there was no other, not even Hitsugaya, that could elicit such open, honest responses from her, no other that could escape her anger once it was sparked. He should have known that she was not WEAK, had never been weak enough to even so much as show the slightest hint of tears for anyone.

And still, he told her to just get it over with and kill him. Lamented on how no one would care if his life was ended.

"...there's rumours. Hollows appearing in large numbers again...the Routaikakami appearing...something called Fell Stones."

The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them, though they were soft, barely audible. Almost dull, like the way she listlessly released Haineko, let it drop to her side even as her eyes so tiredly found the ground between their feet. Just...tired, like her voice as it struggled between vindictively telling him nothing and telling him all she knew.

"Fell Stones...they're..."
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