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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Originally Posted by metal sonic View Post
Gin Ichimaru =Soul Reaper, Third Division captain=
Soul Society, near the Third Division barracks

"... A hearty hello to you, too," Gin retorted. You could almost see the exasperated-and-slumped-over Chibi Gin off to the side. He figured she'd just out and attack, honestly. Better get the cold shoulder than have his spleen torn out. "First order of business, I never really got the chance to apologize to you for the whole Aizen thing. Yes, I'm well aware you most likely have an 'I'll never forgive you' attitude about the thing, but I still want to at least let you know I didn't mean to drag you through all that, and that I'm sorry for doing it."

Judging by the atmosphere, she probably wasn't going to tolerate him existing at this range much longer, so he forged ahead without waiting for a reply. "Second thing, I'm goin' to the Human world soon. Some of the Soul Reapers are helpin' the Routaikakami, and I figured I'd go down and help, seein' as nobody wants me around up here. Just outta curiosity, I was wondering if you knew anything helpful about what's going on over there," Maybe that little bit would be kind of a sign. He usually didn't tell people where he was going; just up and left. But then, he also didn't want to seem like he was acting, especially since he wasn't. That would just be terrible.

((I'll edit in something for Uryu later))
Rangiku Matsumoto
Lieutenant of Tenth Division
Seretei - Third Division Barracks


He was a bastard. Plain and simple. Of course, it was just Gin's nature to gloss over anything not of a cold, logical nature, and if it had been anyone else, they might have been offended, not noticed what she did. For though she wanted nothing more than to kick him in the face and be done with it (and it showed), she heard the lapse of his tone's usual mockery, and for a brief moment, his expression betrayed hurt at her cruel reception of him.

Rangiku knew why she hated him. She hated him because he was Gin. He'd once been everything to her naive little mind. And even as she wanted to deck him and deck him good before leaving him to bleed on his ass, she wanted to stay and listen, for the briefest moment, when he apologised - something he'd NEVER have done before - jump into his arms and hug him until he snapped into two from the sheer force of it.

That showed too, as did the way she started slightly when he asked for her help. The sincerity in his tone was enough to shock anyone. Probably a good thing, because she might have taken out Haineko. It was horrible; she wanted to help, and she wanted to tell him to go screw himself. She wanted him to feel hated, but when he spoke of no one wanting him here, she felt a pang.

"I w-" she broke off, biting down on the response before it came out. I want you here. Haineko, stupid spirit, wants you here. It stopped short though, and she looked away and down at the ground, determined not to finish that or help him in any way. Even if she knew something. Which she did. She knew things. Rangiku wasn't stupid. And considering who her Captain was, it was obvious enough.

The problem was was that she hadn't learnt to shut her facial expressions off like her Captain. Or her mannerisms. Thus, she gave herself away not just by the broken off response to his saying no one wanted him here, but by the way she fidgeted, fists clenching and unclenching involuntarily, lips pursing and unpursing even as her eyes stayed trained on the ground. Still...

"I don't..." she started inaudibly, likely already caught in her lies.
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