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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Cain and Abel
Realm of the Living - Kagamino City

Cain promptly entered the Spiritual Gate, re-emerging on the outskirts of Kagamino City, located far east of Karakura Town. The Soul Reaper was garbed in a black t-shirt and tan pants, a silver pendant hung around his neck. Cain glanced around, hoping to find the Hollow wreaking havoc on the town. As far as he could tell, Kagamino City was unscathed, so he turned his attention to the large forest North of him. Still he had to rely on his brother Abel's abilities to find the beast.

"Abel, can you sense the Hollow's Spiritual Pressure?" he thought, still scanning the enviroment.

"I'm trying, but something's wrong here," Abel replied, "it's faint, but I'm picking up large amounts of Spiritual Pressure coming from Karakura Town... almost, like a burning sensation."

"Must be some Routaikakami in the town," Cain replied, "I wonder how that Substitute Soul Reaper's holding under all of that Spiritual Pressure..."

"Well, I heard he has an impress-" Abel said, suddenly stopping, "something's coming!"

When his brother cried wolf, Cain knew he meant it. He focused his energy, quickly dispersing the Gigai. He watched as the hollow shell dropped to the ground, giving him access to both his, and his brother's Zanpakuto. He grabbed the hilt of Warui Ototo, a two-feet long blade suited for melee combat. Abel panicked, the Spiritual Pressure was moving surprisingly fast.

"Look out!" he shouted, the noise echoed through Cain's head.

The brown-haired brother quickly leapt backwards, narrowly avoiding a large white blur. He watched as the Hollow bit into the ground, devouring his Gigai in the process. The Hollow seemed... unimpressive. It was humanoid, like many fledgling Hollow. The monster was almost triple the size of an average human being, and its face was covered in a white mask. Unlike other Hollows, this mask didn't possess any markings, it almost blended in with the creature's body.

"You're the Hollow Captain Zaraki was worried about?" Cain asked, drawing his blade.

"Ryooooo Sssssshhh," the beast echoed back.

"What a joke, it can't even speak English," Cain laughed to himself.

"Don't be cocky," Abel replied, "something's.... odd about this Hollow."

The beast reared its head, chewing on what was left of Cain's Gigai. The elder brother laughed, and took a half-step forward, leaning on his left leg. He smirked, and suddenly darted forward, disappearing in an incredible burst of speed. Warui Ototo's blade caught hold of the Hollow's body, easily slicing through it. The monster was sliced cleanly, evaporating into two large pools of blood. Cain sheathed his blade and laughed, thoroughly enjoying the quality of his kill.

"And all it cost me was a Gigai," he laughed out loud, "I don't even believe it was that easy."

"Wow, I guess General Yamamoto must have over-estimated this Hollow..." Abel replied, stunned.

Suddenly, the two pools of blood faded in color, turning into white splotches on the ground. Cain sensed a disturbance, and released his Zanpakuto.

"Betray, Warui Ototo!" he shouted.

The plain-looking blade grew to three feet, and the hilt changed to a circular shape, providing a guard for Cain's hand. As he released his blade, two Hollows emerged from the puddles. One had twenty large white spikes on his back, with a teardrop-shaped mask colored pure black. The other Hollow was pitch-black, with massive arms and legs. Its entire body glistened as if it were made of steel. This one's mask was an upside-down teardrop colored pure white, just like the original monster.

"Thanks for the meal..." the black-masked Hollow taunted.

"You're too nice brother..." the white-masked one replied, "this Soul Reaper bastard isn't worth the rags he covers his ass with!"

"Don't you dare insult the Soul Reaper's robes!" Cain yelled, he for one, was proud of his traditional garb.

"Brother, even the odds first," Abel calmly interrupted.

"Right!" Cain replied, pulling out the shorter blade he kept in his robes, "Rejoice, Shinseina Ototo!"

The dagger-like Zanpakuto took the form of an antique cane with a sharp blade on the end. The Hollows were surprised, they had never heard of a Soul Reaper possessing two seperate Zanpakuto. They were even more surprised when Cain tossed the second Zanpakuto into the air and began writhing in pain. Abel gathered his spiritual pressure, from both his blade, and the energy stored in his brother. His body rose from his brother's head, shooting into the air and grabbing Shinseina Ototo. The black-haired Abel stood proudly with his doe-like eyes, always eager to fight alongside his older brother.

"Ohoho, these Soul Reapers are full of surprises, aren't they..." the black-masked Hollow said, "especially the black-haired boy."

"Hmm, you aren't that dumb after all," Abel replied, smiling, "I hope you're as strong as you look."

The two brothers looked to each other and nodded, they had picked their targets. Cain ran to the left, catching the white-masked Hollow's attention. Abel ran right, smiling when the black-masked Hollow chose to follow him. Both brother's pointed their blades towards their enemies. The Hollow's laughed. The two Soul Reaper's didn't know it, but the Hollow's specialty was determining a Soul Reaper's skills by observing their Zanpakuto, and they were clever strategists too. The Soul Reaper brothers were matched with the Hollow that would give them a major disadvantage, and if they didn't catch on to it soon, it would cost Cain his life.

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