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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

OOC: Don’t worry, most of the battles my characters end up in usually go extremely bad for them XD.


IC: Zohara Desmond =Vampire=
World of the Living ; Karakua Town

The young man easily took out the second Hollow even as it was being warped into something worse than normal, but not before the beast ripped three jagged wounds into the being’s flesh. The fresh scent of spiritual pressure-sweetened blood made Zohara a bit antsy. Thankfully he wasn’t all that hungry; the allure was like a person addicted to chocolate being offered a piece of rich chocolate cake after just eating a filling meal. Tempting, but easily turned down.

As he watched, the last remaining Hollow leapt upon the school and began to charge a Cero. The young man dashed towards where the Cero was aimed -a large group of people not too far away- and began to charge an attack of his own.

"You! Get those people out of the way! Hurry!” he yelled at Zohara. The Vampire rolled his head and glanced back at Chozi, his voice sharp as he gave the hell-crow a command.

“Chozi, bring out half the flock! Now!” At the Vampire’s command, Chozi flapped his wings powerfully and started cawing shrilly. The noise scared the little girl next to the crow, who recoiled from him with a frightened whimper. Chozi paid her no mind and continued his flapping and screeching. After a few seconds the crow’s cawing seemed to echo around the area, and within five more seconds black licks of flame started appearing in the air. Ten, twenty, forty…by the time the flames stopped appearing, there were about seventy in total. Then each flame pulsed once and a crow resembling Chozi burst from each one. The only thing they had in common with Chozi was their size, though each was about a foot shorter than the other crow. Their eyes were all bright red, and the sharp feathers on their heads were set to either side of their skulls. Their plumage was so black it didn’t seem to reflect light at all.

“Defensive strategy!” Zohara called to the crows as they circled ominously overhead. “Fifty to the humans, ten to me and ten to the boy!” The crows instantly understood, and by some means of communication not apparent to anyone but Zohara, the birds seamlessly split themselves into three groups. The main group flew to the humans and formed a feathery barrier between them and the Hollow’s growing Cero attack, while ten flew to the powerful young man and flapped above his head, ready to deflect any blows that came at him. The remaining ten circled above Zohara, also ready at any moment to dive down and protect their master. Chozi, not having been commanded to join the others, settled down near the girl, who was staring at the flock of massive birds with a mixed expression of fear and awe.

Zohara went to stand next to the young man, eyeing the Hollow above them and getting an idea. Mentally signaling one of the crows guarding the humans, Zohara ordered it to fly around to the Hollow from the rear, flying low and landing on the building to avoid being spotted by the others.

“Tell it I might have a proposition for it,” the Vampire ordered the crow, which simply flew high into the air before darting into the distance. When it was far away enough that its approach wouldn’t be noted, it dropped towards the ground and flew scant yards above the street, coming back towards the battlefield. When it reached the school it went into a sharp upwards flight, slowing when it was a few feet from the roof. The moment its body cleared the edge of the building it landed, not moving forward in order to avoid being spotted from anyone on the ground.

=My master offers a truce of sorts,= the crow told the Hollow. It wasn’t speaking physically or even telepathically; it was more like its spiritual pressure was in sync with the Hollow’s, letting the twisted beast understand the bird’s reason for being there. In this manner it could communicate without anyone else "hearing" its words. =What is your response?=
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