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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

((I don't mind, but your fights are going to be amazingly dull if you take every NPC down that quick. Have a little fun with it, eh?))

Uryu Ishida =Quincy=
Karakura Town

Someone else showed up and took the attention of the third Hollow, but the other two didn't pay him any heed. The new arrival's spiritual pressure was readily detected, but he doubted whoever it was could sense much more than the energy he was exerting to produce the spirit bow of the Quincy. Whoever he was, Uryu just hoped he could take care of himself; the Quincy had more important things to worry about. The second Hollow made its charge, moving far quicker than the first time, fast enough to count as an Arrancar's Sonido. Getting out of the way of the charge, Hollow's claws extended to rip the thin young man to shreds, was much harder than one would think. Uryu could tell why; the Hollows were sucking in the spirit energy around them, and it was working very quickly, making them evolve into... something. If this was the evolution of a Hollow, they were entirely skipping the Gillian stage. Physically, they looked different than before; thick, unwieldly bodies turning into streamlined skeletal forms at an alarming rate. A spirit arrow of brilliant blue flashed from Uryu's hand, the light-speed spiritons of a Seele Schneider slicing clean through the charging form, but not quite fast enough. The Hollow's claws managed to tear three gouges through his right side seconds before it split into ash, destroyed by the special arrow. He put the sudden pain and warm wash of blood against his side in the back of his mind; let them tear him to shreds, they would not harm one of Karakura's residents so long as he had breath to do something about it.

"Well," The final Hollow said, its voice quiet and menacing. It was the most humanoid in appearance, looking much like a Human in a strait jacket, except with a second pair of skeletal, three-fingered hands stretching from the top of its shoulders and a thin, vertical mask with two spikes going directly behind it. "So you took out the other two. I'm impressed; I didn't think anything would have the strength to take on three Hollows at once. It's too bad you're not the one I'm here for, Quincy; Soul Reapers might taste good, but you've become quite the delicacy, haven't you?"

The Hollow laughed, thin flesh stretching across the long, bony fingers of the upper arms, taking flight and landing atop the High School, its body turning almost fully to bone aside from the upper arms. "All this screaming is arousing my appetite. Maybe I'll have a bite to eat before I play with you," It growled, the tilt of the vicious yellow eyes giving the skeletal mask the visage of a wicked grin. What is it doing...? Uryu thought, sensing the Hollow's spiritual pressure suddenly quadruple. The thing wasn't just drawing in the spiritual pressure around; it was strengthening itself with it! Then, to Uryu's horror, a small sphere of red energy started to form before the 'nose' of the Hollow's mask. What?! I can't let it launch a Cero here; those people would die!

Thankfully, it seemed the Cero required the Hollow to stand in one position to aim and fire it, and Uryu could see where it was aimed-- Directly at the throng of people cowering in fear about thirty meters away. The Quincy moved as quickly as his legs would carry him, putting himself directly in the path of the Cero, pouring all of his energy into a single arrow, blazing brighter with each passing moment. But so was the Hollow's Cero. "You! Get those people out of the way! Hurry!" Uryu shouted, hoping to whatever god there was that no other Hollow attacked him; even the slightest distraction would make his arrow that much weaker. He had to make sure that Cero didn't get through.

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