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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Diego Dakkan, Soul Reaper, Division 5 Lieutenant
World of the Living, Karakura Town

I continued moving in the direction that Kasai Fenikkusu had directed me in, though only he could follow the presence of the fire. I knew that as long as I had possessed this one stone, it would be impossible for the Fell Bracelet to be constructed completely, regardless of whom or what obtained the others. Still, to me, that wasn’t enough. My mission was to ensure all ten stones were in a place of safekeeping within the Soul Society, preferably within the Seireitei. Regardless, I knew it wasn’t my place to decide where they would go, but I knew that much was obvious.

Moving through Karakura, I had seen many people moving about their daily lives, oblivious to the fact I was among them. From what I could see, there was no current unrest, which was a good sign. At the moment, I didn’t know exactly who I was racing against and how much progress they had made. Regardless, I kept after the Flame Stone, trusting in the spirit of my Zanpakutō.

Meanwhile, there was something else I had considered. The stones themselves had been lost for centuries, and I knew they were not in a place where they could be easily found, even if Kasai Fenikkusu felt he could detect it to some degree. Truthfully, I would be surprised if it was still in this town, but in truth, even if it was, it would be in a place long forgotten about and likely in a difficult spot to reach.

I was thinking possibly buried deep into the ground…

Centuries… I knew that such a span of time could alter the surrounding world in many ways. I had seen what mankind had created in a single century, rising up skyscrapers where simple cabins and farmsteads had been only a century earlier. Technology had also evolved rapidly, in ways that I had not expected. Times had changed, and with it, so did its people. But there were some fragments that were preserved. Sometimes, if someone was willing to explore the forgotten and keep an open mind, they could discover dark secrets.

I had followed the path that Kasai Fenikkusu had laid out ahead of me. However, it was still anyone’s guess as to where it would lead me to…

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